Haunted Halloween 2

In a race of Eternity

A world Beyond Man’s Imagination

Only he who have truly surpassed Himself

Can have my Legacy

The words engraved upon the statue of the wandering wizard that laid majestically upon the doors of Orbion Academy, the ramblings of a mad man; I would say, consumed by the pride of his mind and inventions, revered the gods, claimed he hated them, looks down on the title god but pridefully justifies himself as a Creator, A true deceiver and a trickster even more dangerous than a god since he will forever call himself a man.

A man worshipped by the powers of the academy, after the wandering Wizard saved my world with the Orb of Destiny,  it granted his wish and the price he paid was with his soul and the penance we are paying is for our lives, the Orb of Destiny at the bequest of the Wandering Wizard manifested itself in our plain and bore many more of itself for a constellation like ours to reach the universe even though many sacrifices had to be made to keep our world together, the younger ones are destined to wander and find an Orb and any who luckily or unfortunately finds one and gets caught up in the mischief of another, A race of eternity, is to go to Orbion Academy after he or she comes back from their journey of Test of Tests that is if they ever return.

I have walked this hallway for more than a year and a half since my return from my journey of Test of Tests and every day as I pass these doors I find myself wondering, for thousands and thousands of years we have been cursed to live within the mischief of another, offering up our families and loved one as a sacrifice for our peace and freedom

Are they not tired? Are they all not strong enough? is anyone not worthy enough or do they not know that they are already in the race of eternity, is that why they are having a ball tomorrow to celebrate their years of slavery and torment because that’s how it looks to me, but at least, I know HAUL will be quite pleased with the offering I have in store and hopefully this charade will be over.

My mind wanders off and I remembered the oath I had to make in my Test of Test, but fortunately, it will never come to that, if all that is Orbion is what I see in Orbius academy then I have nothing to worry about, I have all I need to kick start this race of eternity.

Orbians in suit and ties, masquerades and gown, girls and boys, men and women, the high born and the low born, king and queens, all adorning a mask, all alumni’s of Orbious Academy seeping their wines in their comfort zones claiming they wielded power claiming what they held was theirs, at home with their weakened and subjugated selves hoping no one will arise to bring about the search of the eternal guardian knight of the Throneless Kingdom, The Blacksmith so-called Legacy for anybody.

And as I continue to look at each and every one of them, I realized I was tired of this life, tired of this hypocrisy, and tired especially of the Blacksmith’s will and hold upon the universe and if all I have is power to usher in this race of eternity, then I will show them what true power is, as my tux bellowed the wind at the dancing floor, I carried my mask and as I wore it, I called upon my slave and he arises from the ember of my soul of my fear, I could feel his essence burning brightly within myself clawing his way up from within, as I smiled at the joy coursing through him, I could tell he was truly excited, this is truly a worthy offering and as my mask sat humbly on my face HAUL took over and HAUNTED HOLLOWEEN was showed to all of them and as just his form scares them his power is the power of their fear, and as I stand amidst all of them I know what lies within their hearts for through their fears I could see their deepest darkest thoughts so they feared me realizing the prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

“Fear me, fear me, for as long as eternity chooses to exist, Fear me Fear me until I become the most dreaded in existence, Fear me Fear me for I am worthy and I have surpassed my true self”.

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