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Haunted Halloween


It is said that what we fear molds us into who we are and who we become, for as long as Tommy could remember ever since the death of his father in a freak accident in a Haunted Halloween house, he couldn’t help himself but be overwhelmed by all his emotions and feelings devouring everything flowing within his veins.

Leaving him with nothing but pure dread any time he enters one, so henceforth he decided not to ever enter one ever again, but as the Halloween Season continues to encroach Tommy found himself falling for a new kind of despair, he knew that before the Halloween break their teacher had given them assignments and one of them was to write an essay on any of the Halloween houses they visited on that festive period.

After Pondering for a while on Halloween all the people around him had prepared for the night but he instead wanted to puke but he knew it was unnecessary, the moment he stood upon the doors of the Haunted Halloween House thoughts came flooding into his mind, Tommy has come to hate the idea of  haunted houses because it reminded him of a time when he was happy and safe, a place where he would cheer on his father from the shadows as he waits for him with his meals on his breaks, for a very long time now the only thing he felt when entering one was a constant exhausting panic attack and an unbearable amount of fear and distraught.

With every recurring holiday season now four years in a row, it comes like a reoccurring current draining and consuming his spirit until it strips him away of all his yearning for all life and replaces it with a strain of fear that exhausts him mentally and physically 

Any time he pulls through, he knew this was not his place as his stomach crunched and crunched and everything was threatening to pour out, his lungs tightened and his heart felt heavy and unbearable, and as his breathing became heavier and heavier he began to feel nauseated and that was it, he turned back and in that moment he began to calm himself down and in that second of thought his fear took over his soul and he decided he was not going to stay any longer and dammed the consequences.

As he was coming back from the park that day Tommy decided to follow the forest behind his house since it was closer and just before he leaves the forest after walking a while, trapped within the roots of a tree was a black box with a symbol engraved on it, the box was smooth and the engravings caught his attention it looked old maybe even ancient but unfortunately for him his tiny skinny arm couldn’t pull it out of the roots that were keeping it rooted to the ground but as the joy of finding a treasure clouded his young mind Tommy rushed home and picked his mother’s tiny axe and headed back to the forest.

After cutting through the roots for a long time, Tommy finally finished at sunset, he took the box looking all dirty and sweaty with a full smile plastered upon his face while he dragged himself to the exit of the forest before finally opening the shiny black box

As he opened it a blinding light appeared and scanned his face before withering away and as he gazed forth inside the box there was nothing inside but an orb glowing and shimmering with light and the moment Tommy picked it up it was like it was waiting for him to do that and as the light of the orb continues to shimmer he heard a voice in his head.

“By the contract set upon me by my Master I deem you worthy and owner of this orb, overcome your true self and the Blacksmith’s legacy is yours”

With that said, the orb told him all he needed to know and understand and now that he had the orb his fears will be given a face and a name in the form of a demon and only when he has completely tamed the demon can he be said to have surpassed his true self and if he fails his fears will consume and devour his soul

Tommy swallowed a lump but then realized that if he could control his fears and never lose then he is safe and it would be worth the trial, the orb told Tommy to look deep within it and open his mind and when it was done his demon appeared but it saddened him when he realized his demon was as skinny and lanky as he was, he would have felt down but the orb told him to rejoice the fact that his demon is small that meant his fear too was little and he was quite a fearless boy.

Tommy looked at the orb and doubted the plausibility of what it said, he knew it was impossible but he just looked at the fiery figure in front of him and just shrugged it off

He might yet have a use for it, and the orb said in other for him to be able to control it the demon needed a name and the orb told Tommy to give it one and as he looked deep into the lanky demons’ hallow eyes Tommy felt a chill run down his spine as the hallow eyes of the demon began to make his conscience waver and in that moment he blinked and he realized he wanted the demon’s name to be “HAUL” and as he said it out loud more life came to it, and as excited as he was he realized it was getting late and his mum would’ve been back by now and would have started to worry and panic so he decided to rush back home and he had the most soundest sleep he had gotten in a long time, it was like all his fears and worries was taken away from him, ‘is this how it will be from now on’ he thought to himself as he slumbered.

From that day onward Tommy had his own personal butler, HAUL was so weak that all he could do were house chores but even that helped Tommy as he never worked again and all the house chores were done by HAUL and in seconds or minutes he was done, so henceforth Tommy relaxed and while away time but the break was finally about to end.

Tommy resumed school but he knew that there will be consequences for his actions and when he reached his classroom and his teacher asked him for his assignment and it was nowhere to be found, she asked why he didn’t do it and he replied he couldn’t get into the haunted Halloween house, he sounded so ridiculous that she punished him and he became the laughing stock of his class because everybody saw him chickening out, Tommy left school a little bit upset and depressed because of all that happened that day but he was determined to not let it put him down, he wanted to do all he could to with HAUL.

Weeks and months passed and the bullying and insults had gotten too much and had begun to frustrate his life as his mates realized he was too weak and afraid to enter a haunted Halloween house they realized he was also afraid to do anything, at last Tommy fought and boasted about HAUL to any who bullied him but even that was regarded as another lie and it annoyed him to no end.

One day Tommy decided to bring the orb to school to show his classmates how good he could control his fears but the more he tried to call on HAUL the more he resisted him, at the end the bullies beat him up and he was embarrassed once again, in anger and frustration Tommy threw away the orb in the forest and never looked back, he had always had that choice but unfortunately for him his bullies were not yet done with him as they knocked him out before tying him up.

Tommy opened his eyes to find his wildest of fears come to past, he was tied inside a haunted Halloween house, he struggled to untie himself but he couldn’t and as he witnessed the darkness devour the bits of lights that remained, Tommy’s breathing got heavy as his eyes got drowsy and his palm got sweaty and his heart began to beat faster and faster, he knew he was about to have a panic attack should he try harder or should he not even begin a fight he can not win, at that moment filled with so many unanswered questions his emotions bursted out dying to be saved.

His demon answered his call and HAUL appeared before him but the moment Tommy saw him he wished he had never hoped to be saved

Before him stood a monster with an eternal black fiery fire for a body so deep they could devour universes, and long sharp fangs as teeth so strong and so sharp they could pierce anything, with eyes as hallow as ever but now calm and covered with eternal darkness and as HAUL rattled with a ghastly evil laugh Tommy remembered the words of the orb and he knew he was in his weakest of moments and he might be able to fight back but lose himself to his fear and HAUL will devour him after all… what’s sweeter if not the blood of thy master himself

As his fears began to devour him from within, he could feel HAUL claw and crawl within him engulfing his soul in a fiery torment,  and as the sheering pain was pushing him down his death he gave up and allowed the demon to have his soul and in that moment of clarity, understanding and utter loss Tommy realized it was OK for people to die, after all his father was just one of many who have died before and his fears can’t completely rule him because it was just a part of who he is not all he is, if the truth were to be said to be that he feared haunted houses then as much he also feared his bully’s even though it was not as much then if it’s so then there is also another truth. It was OK for him to be afraid after all this was just another day of bullying and if he just calms down he would be OK.

And in that moment at the end of the tunnel he finally calmed down and he could feel an insane amount power and strength coarse through his veins and HAUL chuckled at his excitement, and with one straight pull Tommy splits the ropes tying him down and as he stood up and went back to where he threw the Orb, he picked it up and a thought crossed his mind.

“If power was what it takes to surpass one’s truest self then he will seek it and with it he would devour the fear of others to be his and his alone and the tale of Haunted Halloween had just begun”.

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