Cover Art for He was My son

He Was My Son

My day was late

And my stomach poured forth

As I felt his soul

Within my own

This cold shiver wasn’t just a feeling

This was my son

As the bump slowly grew

And his legs were no longer few

And he kicked around

Requesting constant food

I had no doubt

That this was my son

Then he came into this world

On a Sunday afternoon

With his back clearly burnt

With the symbol of the sun

We all rejoiced

Knowing this was our sun

Times and ages passed

As he grew a little fast

And rose as one of ours

To the appointed hour

But he lost, fell, and was sealed

Beneath the cold sea

I cried and screamed

That is my son

My time passed by

And he returned

Bearing a black sun

That had given up its home

Being consumed by his wrath

We all smiled at last

Knowing fully well

That he would remain our sun

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