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Horus The Young

I see it now, the tale of Horus, the tale of beginnings,

it all began at the wanderer’s path,

at the helm of Cain and the path of Dian,

fates entwined upon themselves,

the anomaly cloaked in light

and he who is fated but fate-less.
But the falcon that rises in the horizon

will bring us all to the great banquet,

the banquet of gods, the banquets of the Phoenix,

the banquet of those born of Ra.

Our family started like every other family,

little quarrels here and there,

lots of sibling rivalry, and a holiday to die for.

We had it all hiding what we truly had

and what we truly lost, unknown to us times were truly changing

and we are a part of a forgotten world.
We tried our best to protect everyone and everything

but when the fall came, we had no chance,

for the rage of Fenrir was unlike anything we’ve ever seen.
I never thought I would grow stronger,

not until I saw all he did, but now that it has passed,

fate will cast it’s die, and we will be waiting for those

who would want to take our place in the heavens,

I don’t care how many times we play this game,

I will always shred the times until I get what I want.

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