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Hybrid 2


The school grounds were peaceful, the headmistress ruled at the top, her fellow staff and teachers followed closely behind and the students came last. None of them were with their original abilities and had no way of opposing anything that was done to them.

Their parents were unaware of how far the corruption went but they still wouldn’t do much even if they did, because the kids were safer with them.

The young hybrid’s name was “Alex”, it was written on a piece of paper in the vessel he came in.

Alex hated the school and was always coming up with different ideas on how to escape and return home but every single time, he was caught and beaten to a pulp. At first, he had companions but they eventually gave in and left him to carry on, on his own.

One day, the headmistress caught him again by the fence. She chased him, flying, and took her time hunting him down. Cornered, the headmistress shot lightning bolt after lightning bolt at the adolescent Alex, punishing him severely for his disobedience.

Alex on the other hand had made up his mind to escape this day or die trying and he had prepared to his best for this.

He continued to receive the attacks and waited for a slight window. When the headmistress stopped for a quick breather, Alex pulled out a bottle of concentrated acid and threw it at her but he missed.

The headmistress looked at the contents of the bottle melt the ground and her heart exploded, he really meant to kill her…

She no longer saw any need to hold back and attacked him even more mercilessly.

Alex felt foolish as the electricity flowed through his veins then he started to feel something else.

It was a quick second of silence in the school that day as Alex took one jump at the headmistress and sent her crashing through two buildings.

The headmistress had failed to take his ability and had merely sealed it away for a time but that same seal had failed her and confused Alex.

Alex stood over her smashed and injured body and she started to speak but not to him.

“He finally did it, I’m glad,” she said to her left, then “It’ll be mine,” she said to her right then she looked straight at Alex and asked, “Isn’t that right Lucy!” Alex was perplexed. She died slowly murmuring to herself.

The staff then came and offered Alex the seat of the headmaster. Their queen had died and she had left behind a school filled with monsters because, with her gone, all their abilities returned.

Alex saw their desperation but still rejected the seat, he instead asked for the coordinates back home but they were no more, the headmistress was the only one who had them committed to heart and he had killed her.

He was left with no choice but to take the seat and use their facilities to one day find his parents… until then, he is known as the headmaster.

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