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The fortune of the world had been told at the turn of the millennia and families who had just finally gotten their freedom to live outside in the open were at a sudden loss…

A newlywed vampire and werewolf couple had just given birth to their first child, a boy. The couple were strong believers so they took their child for a reading and were given coordinates to send their child to among the numerous stars.

They went, together, on a Saturday on a shopping date to find the perfect rocket vessel for their child. They found one and brought it with most of their savings. The next day, he was sent out.

The vessel travelled across the cosmos with a crying child. The boy squirmed and kicked around but the vessel ignored him and took him to his pre-destined location.

There, on his arrival, he was dropped at the doors of a certain school. It was merely a branch but it was still one of the best in the area.

His parents knew, “there was no way to escape what was to come”, so they sought to prepare him instead.

Lucy!?” the headmistress yelled looking outside her window, watching the vessel arrive.

“I forgot” she said turning to leave the room “She’s no more, but perhaps…” she continuously murmured to herself as she rushed down already counting the money it must have come with since it was a baby.

When she got down, she walked gracefully to the pod and kicked it open. She pushed the baby to the side and pulled out the seat, this was customary, there was a small box filled with gold coins for the child’s upkeep.

The headmistress smiled and put the box aside and grabbed the child. “Hello there,” she said smiling as brightly as she could “thank you for coming” she added and hugged him tightly.

She looked after him from then on and he grew but he was apart from the rest being a hybrid.

She found ways to restrict his abilities and the boy hated this but the headmistress loved it. She had taken the abilities of her students in pretence of sealing them away. After all, she too was preparing for what was to come. The executioners were rallying again

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