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Ice Cold Princess

Anything that rises will certainly fall but perhaps not always but most of the time… They say the sight of victory is pleasing to only the victor and this held strongly for many who had been victorious in the deadly game of life.

If you were to visit the eternal realm, you would see civilizations and realms beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies. While other times you’d see weak realms with barely any food to eat and a life of pure misery even though they lived under the light.

Among all these wonderful sights you can’t help but notice the Phoenix realm in all its glory. A civilization built on the surface of a large sun. It had several realms surrounding it, entwined and twisted in magnificent beauty. Built upon the sacrifices of king after king, enshrouded in their last lights as suns, waiting for the eternal banquet, a life of death and rebirth.

Around this magnificent sight, dragons born of the beginning swim around the cosmos, living out their lives, passing on their knowledge, and a-times share blessings. This sight though beautiful scars the hearts of the losers greatly. As they are forced to forever long for what seems so close yet so far out of reach.

Among these lamenting losers, a goddess whose last planet happens to be close to one of the Phoenix’s prominent realms releases herself to promiscuity in the hustle and bustle to become one of the chosen. After a few failed attempts on the likes of Zeus and other high gods. She wakes one day with a child after heavy parley.

Not caring who the father was, she retreated back to her home and waited to give birth. Disapprovingly to her, she births a girl and is filled with frustration but desperate to make something of her quest, she tosses the child to the last planet to grow, and be useful to her or die trying.

Feeling ashamed to even speak of her child, she seals the planet from her reach and focuses on the other planets trying hard to raise a being worthy of praise within the eternal realm.

After a few decades, she began to hear tales of a young knight, who fought the Daemons, Ravens, and other atrocious beasts that seemed to plague that particular planet.

Her heart moved thinking it might be her daughter and she rushed to confirm it with her own eyes, and she was right.

Elsa was everything she had never imagined her to be but she was without a fragment – a fire spirit, even though most of her comrades had one.

Eager to make her daughter even more than she is, she enters her into the greatest tournament in the universe, where she was to win the ring of a universal goddess but her daughter refused to participate, foiling all her plans, and spitting on her dreams.

Angered by her defiance, she locked Elsa up in Key Chain Prison with the help of Executioners until she was willing to obey her…

Centuries passed by as the goddess waited patiently. Until one day she heard that her daughter had escaped the prison.

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