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We walk on different paths,
Trying to see this truth yet again
Which truth? this reality
Some try to escape it while others try to live within it

To escape it, To live it
But is existence all about
Escaping and living,

If that’s all to it then maybe
fate is all in our heads
We fight back and dwell, only to realize that

thats just a hoax Within the reality
we live in for fate watches and awaits
for everyone’s turn And all we can do is

to overcome each trail No matter how hurtful,
no matter how exhausting.

Ideals are not something
you pick on the road and drape upon yourself,
they’re but those things that make you who you are,

those things that you have taken years to build,
mold onto yourself, brick by brick,
hoping you are right,

hoping you are on the right path.
At the end of the day, it’s only the future
that determines who you are and who you become

but within the depth of your heart, you know
who you are and who you’ve chosen to become.

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