A long time ago in a great city thriving in war, everyone was seeking the ultimate power.

Marsha was her name… and she felt that the world was being too unfair to her. Among her three sisters, she was the only one who wasn’t pretty, good in sports and academics. Marsha got more and more jealous as time passed and no suitors came for her.

She was furious and she used every single ounce of her energy to scream out to the heavens till she started bleeding through her eyes and nose… just before she fainted, she felt webs all over her and then she was drawn back into the darkness.

The blacksmith was an odd fool. Who would even want to create something like that vile creature… he named it ‘Indesta’.

The blacksmith was facing various complaints and requests from his customers about the complexity of his machines and how hard it was to use them. A few of his prominent students and strong-willed citizens understood and love his intentions… but the opposing crowd was larger and stronger.

The blacksmith seeing smoke on the horizon took up his binoculars and took a closer look. From a distance, they looked like men ridding some sort of machine with the mob he had been avoiding.

He knew that if he didn’t hurry and make something, he would be tortured or humiliated so he rushed into the lab and started to mix all the sort of animal DNA’s he could find.

He poured drop after drop into the potion, then there was a knock on the door so he speed up.

They broke down the door just as the blacksmith was adding a balancer so they wouldn’t lose their form.

The blacksmith wiped the sweat from his forehead and turned around slowly and proudly, holding up the vile and asked “is this what you want?”

The mob froze, then one of them asked “What is that?”

The blacksmith started to laugh and beat his chest proudly “this is a wish-granting fluid” he said “simply take a sip and imagine what you want to be. Here give it a try” he added smiling.

One of the strongest of the group walked straight and grabbed the vile from the blacksmith’s and took a sip. It was so bitter that he had to squeeze his face. By the time he opened his eyes, the blacksmith had disappeared.

The one who sipped first grew large wings, seeing this, they all rushed and took a sip each till the vile was empty.

They all gained superhuman strength but the blacksmith was just a man, the contents of the vile had been cursed. The rapid acceleration of cells was pushing them to a higher existence, and when it did… they vanished.

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