Inheritance: Babel’s Home

Time is a fickle thing, through centuries we have conquered space and our surroundings but still, we always fall into ruin. The greater the empire, the greater its fall they say. Though if we were to conquer time that could all change.

My planet was home to many, and a place of trade and prosperity. Within such a perfectly balanced society where no one lacked, we found contentment but we were worried about our children so we tried to conquer time for them so they would have nothing to fear as the years come and passed.

Diving deep into study and research, we reached it, we gained time travel. With this, we could stop impending disaster centuries before it would occur but such power needed rules and certain terms of use.

In our arrogance and vanity, we desired even more balance and prosperity for our people so we used the machine to change certain things in the past. From decisions to deals made in secret, to even the kings that were chosen throughout time, all were handpicked and vetted by us.

As we went along achieving greatness, we came upon the god’s themselves. Perplexed as we were, we still made deals with them and pushed on. Before long, our realm became recognised and was eventually welcomed to a gathering of gods. It was a marvellous growth and we continued to prosper.

As the ages continue to roll, our vanity grew in size. It wasn’t particularly rare to see people from amongst us who wanted a planet or two. The greater realms of gods continued to ascend and with time, we were finally welcomed into the eternal realm. A land blessed with eternal light and glamour, riches and power beyond measure.

With trade being our central support, we had to expand our goods and services. One of the major servicers of the other gods, we became middlemen for purpose and goals, a provider of dreams and ambitions. Downtrodden gods who had lost their purpose rushed to our doorsteps, those who were fading to history were given a new future and before long, we had become a major hub in the eternal realm and a beacon of society and civilization.

Eventually, spies began to show up around our little establishment but they were easily handled by our guard gods among which, one was a particular favourite of ours as we were the ones who gave them a place of their own and they had been with us from the very beginning.

His name was ‘Babel’, a terrifying beast of intellect and cunningness. With his help and guidance, we achieved a higher status and rose even higher each day but such growth would eventually be suspect to foul play so everyone started to act suspiciously towards us. This change thickened the atmosphere around us and made trade difficult. Yet we still prospered. Till all of a sudden, we were attacked by a small gathering of the gods led by the first god we ever met. Then, we had already learned who they were, a group of tricksters. Though we thought we were prepared for them, we were horribly mistaken.

As our empire was burnt to the ground, they ransacked us and took anything of value. As the gods, we depended upon watched as we were killed off one by one.

Babel on the other hand fell protecting us, which pained us the most as our last vanguard of justice and truth fell but I am not saddened as I hear in the land of the fallen, hiding amongst the forgotten, that Babel’s children have carried on his legacy.

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