Intruder’s Advance

Every kingdom is built around a system, a king, a family and all sorts of powerful concepts.

In the kingdom of “Berek”, a king sat at its’ center. He ruled all three sectors of his planet and he did so well but he was a kind, good-hearted man and so he banned all killings. His kind nature amazed the people and brightened the dark corners of their hearts.

All the while, a trained bodyguard was assigned to one task and that task alone… to protect this fragile balance. He was meant to stop and erase any and all assassination attempts on the king’s life, holding their pillar in place.

Many failed at this job and the society had to resolve to various ways and artefacts to bring their king back to life again and again after every successful attempt.

Overtime, the king’s soul that was unbendable since birth was starting to shake… that’s when a particular man came to their kingdom. He asked for the highest available job, his presence was something unusual so the town’s people directed him to the palace.

He arrived at the gates and overheard the guards joking about the ‘guard dog’ position. One said “I would never take that, I’m not cut out for it” to the other and he replied “No one can!” The man immediately asked “I want to know where I can become this guard dog” The guards were shocked and jumped back, they didn’t know anyone had come in.

The man was eventually taken to see the king and counsel after rigorous questioning. The moment they laid eyes on him, they know he could do it and he did.

The king never died again, till he passed away, peacefully in bed. The man had trained his children and they were much stronger than their father in spirit and body and no longer needed his help.

So after the king’s burial, he vanished and returned home, to the cathedral he was raised in. He went to the third gate and tried to pass the trial again but he still failed.

He was thrown out, all beaten up. His teacher stood there above him and repeated what he had said to him before he left, storming out…

“You are not ready yet…”

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