Cover art for Kingly Falls

Kingly Falls

Let me tell you of kings
The wise young maiden said as she sat amongst the children
Who had died too soon and were brought to the land of the fallen

A long time ago when beings were few and the suns were scarce
The wise sought peace and the foolish chased dreams
And as the ages rolled and things changed
Dreams became reality
And those who were called foolish became gods

The wise could only preach the same peace they knew
But the foolish had seen it all

Peace remained for a time then other beings started to grow wild
The wise were weak but the foolish were strong
And when it was time to pick a new king
The foolish were the only ones who could defend against the monsters
Some picked the wise and their kingdoms fell
But the foolish had become the new wise ones
And their kingdoms prospered
So whenever you return home and become kings of your own
A little foolishness is always needed to remain wise

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