Laius The Envious

The pride of Vomir is deeply rooted

in my blood and in my oath,

the cradle of creation was bestowed

upon Dragon stone to prove a point to many of us,

a point so obviously misread

my path led me to fulfil my wishes,

even though I knew all I had to trample

and all I had to remember,

even though the more I live

the more its futility made sense,

at last, my bout is what I find myself waiting for,

for as long as I can remember,

I know my karma will come for me even though

I know not the face it may possess

but even still until then, so be it.

His sins were as much as the blood he shed
they were plenty, he knew they were plenty
he once ruled over a planet
many would call him a tyrant
but in all his centuries of existence
and finally bounded to the Sword of Eternity
a well full deserved retribution
seventeen years wouldn’t have felt
longer than all of that
but this Bond he shared with her
he knew this was not living

but as he watches her
come to her powers
he couldn’t help but want
to serve her for eternity
she is worthy, the high goddess Aurora Vermont

Born a changeling made a goddess

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