Cover Art for Legacies Curse

Legacies Curse

Since I was posted here

From valiant heroes

To wretched villains

I have slayed countless

For the peace of this realm

None of the inhabitants

Know of me

The few myths of my existence that were circled around

Have been cut off by my own hands

With my head down

I have stayed diligent

Fulfilling my duties to the last letter

But what is this I hear?

Of executioners falling

And rogue gods ruling realms

What is this I hear?

Of another time of mischief

Misguided dreams and goals

As men once again reach for the heavens

What is this I hear?

Of the eternal turmoil

And escapees from key chain prison

What is this I hear?

Are the executioners trying to soil my effort

And ruin my good name?

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