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Love of the Sword

In a cold town filled with hooligans, a shadowy figure wearing a hat stands at the entrance. He walks in slowly drawing the attention of several onlookers as he comes in…

His father was a great swordsman, one of the best but to achieve this class he had abandoned his wife and son for many years and when he finally returned it was simply to pass down what he had learnt

Every single day, he would wake his son up extremely early in the morning and take him to train. Sometimes at the river, other times on the mountains and on rare occasions they would travel long distances for many days before returning

His son thought that perhaps his mother would be enraged by his father’s obsession with the path of the sword but she wasn’t. She was proud instead, when the son asked she claimed that his father had saved her town and family once with his sword and the scar that ran down his back was as a result of that fight and he had left to go train so no one close to him would ever experience such pain and weakness ever again

He started to see his father in a new light after hearing this story and dedicated himself to his training. After several years, his father finally told him that he had nothing left to teach him and that he was ready to carry on his name but to do that he cannot remain stagnant. His father told him that the only way to truly master the sword was to love it as one would love his own child and raise it to be his friend and protector

And now, he had left his hometown and made his way to the most reckless and dangerous place he could find to test out his honed skills

His first attacker was a smallish man with claw-like blades attached to his right hand, he licked the tips of the blade with a crazed look in his eyes as he shook slightly while laughing. He didn’t even say a word before attacking the boy who slashed him across his chest swiftly and left his injured body on the ground and proceeded

He walked around town with his hat down looking for any wretched soul that would be willing to challenge him. This worked as many who thought themselves more powerful continued to attack him throughout his stay, before long he had killed all those who could oppose him and the town slowly became peaceful.

The town’s folk who had been oppressed saw a saviour in him, thanked him and offered him the title of village chief. He wanted to reject at first but then he was offered one of the most beautiful girls in the village to be his bride

It was love at first sight, he smiled and agreed finally seeing something worth protecting. It was not until later he realised that he had not sustained any injuries in all his fights and he had his father to thank for it. Although he was chief, he still travelled to neighbouring towns and attacked any group of robbers and thieves, the surrounding towns soon came to see him as their guardian and protector

Later when he had a child of his own, he did the same as his father and trained him till he was ready to inherit the sword techniques he had developed and then sent him on his own journey

As his son prepared to leave, he told him the same thing… ‘love the sword as if it is your own child and raise it to be your friend and protector’

He believed just like it had done for him and his father, it would certainly guide his son as well and it did… to a school of executioners.

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