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Lucy and the Dauntless


I find myself reading my predecessors journal, the headmistress was insane, insanity is insanity but sometimes clarity can be found within the jumbled-up mischieve and chaos and as a new dawn comes before all those who stand on the horizon, Darkness and great evil grows amidst us but maybe the past will hold the answers to our great unknown future.

It’s 851, our peace that seemed so eternal and unending was at the verge of its collapse but at least we had a hundred years worth of Peace, our daily lives in Sieran became one filled with fear and dread, with the power to destroy the world, the Dauntless rallied the dark witches once again and with the advent of pure witches and the Nightingale order, the dark witches have found a way to grow stronger, for they can now consume that which made us special and pure

By moving her generals from place to place the Dauntless captured cities by cities and many kingdoms fell, the great pure Witch and some of the last royal bloodlines in Sieran watched as all they held dear was coming to an end, the Dauntless was unmoving and unpredictable a witch that had the power to beseech the deepest darkest part of a pure witch and could call forth the chaos and mischief that lie deep within our hearts as many of us fell to the allure of the dark and with each Fallen the power of the Dauntless grew beyond our expectations.

After the Fall of the great Dark Witch Angelica Vermont we were very sure that no one could possess such great power and knowledge like that of the great Dark witch, but with the aptitude that the Dauntless showed as the most prized pupil of the daughters of Vermont, that she could surpass her mistress but even great power can sometimes be a blessing or a curse.

The great pure which recruited young pure witches to infiltrate the Dauntless Court in order to obtain the locations of her generals so as to cripple the Dauntless before it was too late for them but at the end of the day they either turn up killed or turned to her side and as the numbers of the pure witches decrease, Darkness clouded sieran as none wanted to give their daughters for a suicide mission but those who had lost their daughters grieved in pain and the malice in Their Hearts grew as days came by and the Dauntless was just at the corner trying to destroy all they held dear.

Amidst that chaos one stood as stoic as ever mischief and Chaos will always live within our hearts for they can never be purity without a tint of Darkness but sometimes that need for chaos and mischief can sometimes consume the purest of Souls but she who stood as stoic as ever was the purest of her generation but had so much need for chaos and mischief lying within the depth of her gaze, one could swear she was a dark witch, but the fact that she was the purest of all amused my young self to no end.

To the shock of most and the warning of many Lucy Lawland volunteered to go on to the mission to infiltrate the Dauntless Court, they deliberated for a long time for they knew if Lucy were to fall to the darkness she will be the most powerful asset to the Dauntless and their most powerful adversary.

At last, they decided on not to let her go for the mission, it was too dangerous. They called for a meeting as the dwindling pure magic community decided to tell Lucy the result of their deliberation and as they told her all she did was look directly at the depth of the great pure Witch and said “I will be back” and at that moment the great pure witch saw the sincerity her eyes held, even though she was as passive as ever, the great pure witch nodded her head and Lucy bowed to her before leaving to the complete dismay of the remaining.

Upon their arrival at the Dauntless Court all of them who had heard the song of the Dauntless and were Bewitched by the Darkness none of them suits her preference they were all who pretended to have what she needed, born witches were no longer a thing those who had raw and pure Talents and as the Dauntless gazed upon this fledgeling witches a smell caught her nostrils, with a gaze as dark as they come, in unending chaos and Sorrow, filled with pain and torment, not the one inflicted upon her but rather one she calls forth from the heart of her victims

The pure witches who had come to her doorstep In Search of power were all petrified by the stench of her Darkness, her eternal youth, her slender frame her scrawny look, as they all shivered before her might and power but not this girl, the Dauntless looked at her and felt a stench so old it reminded her of her mistresses sister, she who followed her sister unknown to her she was just a sacrifice made for the Freedom of another, a seed drenched in chaos and mischief that if properly trained might be a being close to what her mistress had hoped for to become, the embodiment of Darkness, maybe another piece had crossed her path the Dauntless thought.

“Are you a girl pretending to be what she isn’t” the Dauntless hollow eyes gaze upon the fledgeling witch

” I’m just a witch in search of knowledge”

The Dauntless gazed upon this girl and the girl held her gaze but the dauntless smiled knowing that those who yearn to be tested shall surely be tested and she will see if she was truly worthy or not.

The Dauntless called upon those who have passed her test and they presented them with the dark seed, a culmination of her mistress’s experiment and hers, by cutting a piece of her soul and blending it with the pure essence, it enables a pure which to become dark, so dark that she might be even stronger than an actual dark witch and as she watchesld them take the seed some of them couldn’t handle the darkness and the Darkness ate through their soul and being, more unworthy ones was all the Dauntless thought and as the girl’s turn came the Dauntless watched her carefully and as the girl ate the dark seed all became bare to her mind and it became clouded with all the darkness she could muster, the Dauntless watched as the evil and vile manner of a dark witch took root within her soul and it grew and grew till it burned so brightly the Dauntless was sure it will burn out and she will be just another Lost Cause but surprisingly The Girl Calmed herself down and pull back the darkness till it was locked back within the Pandora’s box and as her skin colour went back to its original pale colour the Dauntless gazed upon this 17 year old witch, with so much promise but yet held so much mystery in the depth of her eyes.

“What is your name you child of the light?” the Dauntless asked and the brunette haired girl replied “I am Lucy Lawland”

At that moment Lucy felt the darkness engrave itself upon her being and soul and with an unnatural need for mischief and Chaos she was ready and the accursed Mark of the Dauntless appeared on her back and she was blessed by the Dauntless, and Lucy Rises as one of her proud witches whom have truly captured her interest and are to learn directly under her as the Maidens of the Dauntless.

Ever since her departure, no news was heard again from Lucy and as weeks passed the Great Pure witch became anxiously worried as she began to doubt the choice she had made, had she been killed or had she given in to the darkness, none was preferable.

The forces of the Dauntless was now increasing without reason and many more Kingdoms within Seiran fell as chaos and calamity swept through the lands.

The Great Pure witch gathered her soldiers around a stronghold she foresaw will be attacked by the dark witches, the fortress of Abu Suleiman one of the remnants of the age before the age of man and witches, with her soldiers the Great Pure witch was able to repel the dark Witches and as she chased them through the forest a portal appeared and her greatest fear came to bare, Lucy had fallen to the darkness and was quite powerful for a newborn dark witch, the Great Pure which gazed upon Lucy hoping she was still in there but unfortunately for her Lucy was gone for and the darkness had taken over her mind completely, there was no sign of emotions anymore within her gaze they were soulless.

The Great Pure witch watched horrifically as Lucy cast a spell So Strong the darkness she was feeding off from was consuming everyone and everything within his reach, accepting that all hope was lost The Great Pure witch withdrew her soldiers from the raging lightning storm coming their way Unleashed by Lucy

The Dauntless arrived at the fortress and was very proud of what Lucy had done, the fortress had clues her mistress had wanted for a long time, the truth about who they were, the truth about who the blacksmith was, his final Legacy, the throneless Kingdom, the Eternal Kingdom that lies within the race of Eternity without a ruler for he who has surpassed his truest self and location of the Orb of Destiny which holds it’s Final Destination everything her mistress never had was within her reach power beyond imagination.

The Dauntless took Lucy and taught her all she could learn within the period they stayed within the fortress and with an abnormal hunger for knowledge Lucy devoured all she could and the Dauntless was very pleased with her, she could raise her till she becomes a worthy successor was what she thought as the Year ended the Dauntless finally decided to make her move on the pure witch and human Alliance and destroy both the Pure witch community and the human kingdoms that stayed in her way.

Seiran watched as creatures from The vilest of places crawl out from within the deepest darkest crevice of the Dauntless Dominion with her generals leading them they appeared and swallowed whole of Nations up, many died and many lost their will to live and they too were becoming consumed by the dark leading them to a later horrific death.

She feeds off their Malice and hatred until they became slaves to her will as they will never see her coming until they devour themselves unknown to them and even that was her will.

At that fateful moment, the Dauntless had a good night sleep knowing the whole world will bend to its knees to her the next morning.

As the morning fowl crows the Rising Sun and the dark universe could be seen from it’s rare, the generals of the Dauntless came with their creatures of the dark, Dark witches with immense dark powers with Golems, werewolves, puppets, three-headed hellhounds, hell fairies, fairy hounds and more that lay in the dark, the Dauntless was sure if the reports start coming in then by then all of the men and the pure witches Kingdoms will be subdued but surprisingly as the war went on she began to lose connection with her generals they were easily defeated by the Nightingale order and with each one she sends it was like she was predictable, she who has always been unpredictable

The Great Pure Witch foresight began to work exceptionally all her generals were stopped by a coordinated attack from the Nightingale order and pure witches.

The Dauntless became enraged as she watched her dream grow farther and farther away from her with each loss, no foresight could be this certain, she was sure, was she being betrayed?, were they spies within her Court feeding them information, there was none, she was sure, she made sure herself, she couldn’t have been wrong, who is it? all sorts of thoughts ran through her mind as she gazed upon all of the hearts in that open field as all the dark witches stood in waiting for the great Dauntless to command them, but she herself was running mad within her mind as she watched them come for her.

How can Her Victory that was so certain became such a loss, is she not worthy enough or was she too prideful in her ways and inccure upon herself a wrath of a Lost Boy, has she been Bewitched?, she was losing her mind, she never thought she would be plagued by the same enemy that her mistress faced; the unknown, her enemy that which is unknown, will the unknown forever be what dampens the heart of a Dark Witch, the dauntless looked at her witches and began to think of a last Resort if it’s need ever came and as she looked at her maidens she caught the gaze of Lucy they had something in them but also another in them she wanted to show her what the Great Dark witch dreamt about but as she looked deep into her eyes she noticed a Spell laying deep within Lucy’s maze of a mind, a Spell so complex the Dauntless was sure she was the traitor, it was completely unknown to her and it was keeping Lucy’s true thoughts away from her reach but thanks to the gods, she was the Dauntless and as long as the spell is made with magic she could devour it.

In that second Lucy felt the Dauntless cursed Mark reach into her mind and as The spell came undone the Dauntless watched as the crystal necklace always hanging on Lucy’s neck broke, shattered and disappeared and all became bare to her and now she was sure it was too prideful of her to think that she was the chosen one, This witch, Lucy Lawland that stood before her was something she never thought could be possible.

“do you think you can keep all that pure and dark magic mixed up within you, It’s not possible, It’s impossible, You are not the one”

Lucy looked at the Dauntless deranged face as her magic contaminated was threatening To eat away to her soul As she looked at her and smile Knowing right now She was far superior And far stronger than the Dauntless.

“You have no idea who I am, I am Lucy Lawland, the greatest Witch of this age”

And as Lucy grabbed onto the necklace and with her mind, She crafted a Spell Built upon layers, So complex And beautifully crafted That now because she had control over the dark magic and pure magic coursing through her veins she could now do magic with just her mind Throwing away a witch’s most important tool, her Grimoire And as The Crystal reappeared Her magic re-stabilized And she could think clearer.

Lucy fought the Dauntless and defeated her And as she Lay Dying she said to Lucy “I pray your need For knowledge thus becomes your downfall”.

It’s 852 We find ourselves in a world where new frontiers Are open to man and witch kind, Lucy is back at home Celebrated for her victories But feared for all we knew had transpired, Even though darkness will forever lie in her heart She would still be one of us.

A place of dreams and aspirations indeed Many have sought the Tale of the old To bring about a new age in Seiran But even in this time of great need and great purpose, I gaze upon the sins of my Predecessor, The headmistress, Lucy she said as she Was dying And as all I seek is the key And truth to the all the secret she held, My journey had led me To Seiran as I have finally found The descendants Of Lucy I know not what ailment May befall her But I know The ghost of Lucy Lawland Hunts the souls of those Tainted by her blood.

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