Lucy and the Fairy Cage

Our days of peace have lasted us for eternity, our minds have moulded our forms, our will to grow, to change and to want more from life.

Maybe it was because of how she was then… as the fairy Queen, I find myself graced by the thought of a time we fairies wish we could all forget a time where we had no place in the world. Forced to only live by the collars of our Mistresses, enslaved and tortured we stayed for hundreds of years, forced through hard and rigorous labour, turned to horrid beasts of nature and discarded with no remorse by the same hands of the mistress that enslaved us who was a dark witch.

In our days of hardship and constant plight, she wandered into the forest, just at the peak of her adolescence, passive and uncaring, she waltzes into this dangerous forest driven by just a need to see for herself the mystical creatures of the Night, Couriers of the souls of the Dead the brethren of the death god Abu-Sina, all the stories had motivated her to go to the place she heard they could be found, the dark Forest of Hilwa.

Unknown to her, the plight we found ourselves in… she located us within the Dark Forest, but what she thought she would find was not what she was seeing and for the very first time since our enslavement someone came to us, within our cage lays our city of fairies.

In our tiny homes, within that tiny space, we saw her huge frame… excited was she with what she found but she became extremely curious realizing that the entire room was a city of fairies, she tried to find the entrance but unfortunately for her, our mistress came back, she tried to fight her off unknown to her our mistress was a dark witch of the highest cadre, the daughters of Vermont, remanence of the Fallen great Dark Witch Angelica Vermont

Our mistress cursed her with her dark wand and she was plunged into our city with the size of a fairy in Chains as she joined those that were like her and us in slavery and labour.

As time went by we came to know her as Lucy Lawland elusive but always observant, our mistress kept a close eye on the fairy cage since the arrival of Lucy, she was afraid if words were to go out on our current location all her plans will be foiled, when pure witches and Knights come for a Dark witch, they seize all she has and seal away her magic for eternity, that’s only if they were captured alive, so she knew she couldn’t afford to lose all the progress she has gotten from her research

Lucy took her time diligently waiting within the fairy cage as she began to plan her escape, she was too little to fight the mistress and she couldn’t understand why we were here.

One day Lucy sneaked into my room and ask me about what the mistress was doing, as a pure witch she could sense the malice and the discontent brewing within our hearts and if nobody would help her, she knew I would, I was exhausted with all the suffering I have watched my people go through and if we have a chance at least we know we died fighting for what we believed in

I told Lucy about the scroll we have been trying to decipher for the past eight years since the fall of the great Dark witch, in slavery we were searching for the last location of the Orb of Destiny, many seek it, especially those who desire chaos and mischief, our mistress used her blood to enslave us and her dark wand to enforce her slavery.

There was more I could tell her for instance… about the fairy dust we were forced to mine but I decided it was enough for the night, Lucy left that night and came back with a plan to steal the mistress’s wand but I knew it wouldn’t be that easy for Lucy has gravely underestimated what our mistress was capable of and my fears were laid bare as Lucy witnessed for herself the true horrors of our mistress

One day, a knight and some pure witches wandered into the forest and the closer they got the more worried our mistress became so before they found us she decided to send her fairy hounds first to end them, enslaved by the blood of our mistress we become horrible monsters that can devour anything and everything at the everlasting bequest of our mistress, Lucy watched from the windows of the fairy cage as the fairy hands devoured bite by bite, piece by piece, as we devoured both their physical form and their temporal form

Lucy went back to her job broken and shaken but came back with even more motivation and resolve in her eyes and that’s when I saw it, a glint of something that lies within the depts of her eyes that bears the same resemblance as the mistress’ anytime she was excited with finding something new.

Lucy said we should replace the blood first with hers before stealing the dark wand

After much hard work, we built a tunnel and diverted the blood the mistress always feeds us and replaced it with Lucy’s blood, we did that for weeks hoping for that opportunity to appear where we could finally steal the dark wand and as time flew Lucy watched as we mined the fairy dust and translated another letter in the scroll and as Lucy watched the mistress she learnt to inhibit dark magic upon an object

Lucy gathered enough fairy dust and on that fateful night with her pure magic she cast a spell and turned herself big again, she sneaked around the city and finally reached the door, the old wood squeaked loudly but luckily for us the mistress was too deep in her slumber.

Assured, Lucy jumped off the ledge of the fairy cage and the moment she touched the ground, the fairy hounds woke up and alerted the mistress, in shock Lucy froze awaiting judgement and our mistress looked at her finding no importance of having a slave like her around, our mistress channelled all her that magic from her wand and commanded the fairy hounds to devour Lucy.

The fairy Hounds because of the remanence of the witches blood adhered to her commands and attacked Lucy but fortunately for Lucy and surprisingly for our mistress they just reached Lucy and hovered around her, in anger and frustration our mistress used the binding seal and tug away at our chained collars as her blood excited us within our body and we became horrid monsters enslaved by her will.

The dark wand feeds from us to keep us in chains and as our energy filled the dark wand, it activated something within it and as powerful she was, our mistress watched as her wand shattered into a million pieces, we all went silent as that which enslaved us vanished before our eyes and we remembered our days of hardship… has it really come to an end

Lucy looked at the mistress as she cowered in fear now that her wand was broken and she no longer had any way to control us. Lucy stood proudly above us and told us to yearn for something greater, to fight against all the forces that have chosen to enslave us and fuel our rage for all that has been done to us and exert the harshest of revenge on all those who caused us pain.

Lucy watched in amazement as our mistress’s eyes were filled with utter despair as most of us turned into fairy hounds and devoured the mistress and all she ever was and will ever be, we all cried in joy as these eight years that seemed so eternal came to an end, we celebrated for days and nights for our new found freedom, after staying with us for another 3 years, Lucy finally bid us farewell five years since our first encounter

The dark Forest of Hilwa will forever remember the girl that found us and freed us and as I watched her leave I prayed against the chaos and mischief I saw welling up within the heart of Lucy and hoped for the day it consumes her never to come.

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