Lucy and The Queen’s Guild 2

At moment all of us who called ourselves witches had an epiphany “This is a reckoning for our right to exist and for the blood coursing through our veins, the sacrifice of Angelica Vermont, for all the powers we attained

On the first day of spring the first of what was to come showed itself as a portal opened up within our world as dark matter itself spilled into our world consuming and destroying everything within its path and like a raven with one purpose and one purpose alone, to seek and to devour, the first Familiar entered our world, beings from the dark universe, children of the dark they called themselves.

At moment all of us who called ourselves witches had an epiphany “This is a reckoning for our right to exist and for the blood coursing through our veins, the sacrifice of Angelica Vermont, for all the powers we attained must be paid tenfold, and I, and my brethren realized it is time to fight for all that we are”.

I teleported from the forest of Hilwa and appeared upon the grounds where the portal opened after stabilizing most of my magic, as I could see the bodies of the knights of Nightingale order battered and butchered and pure witches lay beaten and the dead lithered all around. It was a massacre but in hope from afar I could see the great first pure witch still fighting but barely managing to stand up, her right hand complete shattered to pieces, her magic gone unlike I’ve ever seen before as she just stood there waiting for her opponent to end her misery, and at that moment I placed my hand on her shoulder.

I felt her fear and sensed her pain and what she was feeling was unbelievable as it shook her body. She was frightened beyond reason by the power of her opponent and the moment she realized it was me behind her, she calmed down and fell to the ground.

“Elena rest, I can’t see frank? Where is he?” I asked as I casted a spell across her hand to stop the blood but I knew her right hand was gone, as she had lost her magic circuits in the fight.

“He was blown away; I don’t know if he survived,” she replied, taking deep breaths.

“Just stay down let me handle this, I am coming” I said as I turned to face my enemy, my true form was what I hid from everybody, I never wanted them to see me like that even the demon had to force it out of me but since it has come to this, what else can I do? I have to fight with all my being.

“He is powerful Lucy, be careful” she said as she fell to the ground grasping at bits and pieces to survive.

“Don’t worry, I am powerful too” I said as a chuckle escaped my lips and in a second, I summoned my dark wand, and as it appeared on my hand, I held it tightly as I felt all that power that I missed course through my veins as all that I am became bare to them and my opponent in all his glory and power beyond imagination goes into his fighting stance.

“I am thirteen of the Queen’s Familiars, the owner of the ring of Atonement” and as I looked at his ring, I knew what it was, it was a blacksmith Armament from one of his endless lockers, how unfortunate for him, I know now that I can defeat him.

We fought and exchanged blows and attacks, back and forth, he was truly powerful, his ring of atonement had the power to distort space itself and overtime he used it, it fed from him, so I thought smarter, and I destroyed the ring by giving it a curse even more powerful to feed from, with one last strike from my wand the ring of atonement finally broke and as he laid there dying he said the words that shocked me and made me realize the curses truly laid upon my damned soul, and my knowledge has thus become the end of me and the end of my world.

“Thanks to the dark one, his dream is no longer a dream but a reality, and Seiran is truly worthy for the taking and now that I have fallen and fulfilled my purpose, My Queen will come with all that she is” and as the light faded from his eyes, a buzz was felt from the Dark universe, and at that moment I realized 

‘More of them are coming, how many more to be exact, what have I done, if only I never knew the Arcanum then it might not have gotten to this, if one of them is this strong then how strong is this queen of his’.

 We withdrew back and rallied what remained of our planet Seiran. Knowing this might very well be our last moment, we stood at the border of the Pure witches’ domain as we watched our enemies one by one enter into our world, and in the blink of an eye a War of Worlds ensured, but the more we fought the more I realized that all of them were like thirteen and the Queen he spoke of was nowhere to be found. 

Casualties were heavy on both sides but not like they were on our side, the children of the dark were far stronger and just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, I felt another portal open and it was like raw power flew into their bodies and I was sure Seiran was gone for, because when Queen finally entered our world only a handful of us remained, and as I gazed upon her, I couldn’t believe what I saw and what I sensed. She, unlike the children of the dark was not completely from the dark universe, she had something else “is that divinity I sense, impossible!!! What more is the dark universe hiding within its shadows’ ‘, but now that she’s finally here, I can now use my ultimate last card, for all, for one.

“So that’s who you are? Queen” I said to the figure standing amidst them all, in all her glory and greatness looming over me, with her black wings stretching out reaching for the heavens, with a crown above her head, armed with Blacksmith’s Armaments more than I can fathom, after all I knew a soul can’t handle more than one of those accursed weapons.

and I knew that now that she is in our realm, it might be worse than I thought because all the dark energy suppressing her divinity is no longer there to, and now that she’s growing overwhelmingly powerful in our realm she had the capacity to grow beyond whatever she is and if she becomes the strongest being in this universe we were done for.

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