Lucy and The Queen’s Guild 3

I told what remained of our forces to fall back as I called upon the fairies to do my bidding as they turned into fairy hounds buying us enough time to retreat.

The Fairy Queen gave me a vial of Fairy Dust, unlike I have ever seen before, ‘seems my cultivation yielded good result’.

I opened the vile drinking its content as I transformed into a full-blown fairy, and for the very first time I caught her attention, and with one gust of wind from her black wings all the fairy hounds turned into dust, I looked at my now glowing skin and my fairy wings realizing I was now in a countdown and if I can’t defeat her in good time, then all hope is lost.

Our battle began and with every spell I sent her way Queen had an even bigger attack to send back my way, even though we were fighting I was the only one attacking, she, on the other hand, had repelled back each attack, and was overpowering me. The moment I finished my onslaught she began her assault and with every attack, I was sure I feared for my life.

Finally, my potion reached its limits and went with it the Fairy powers that came with it, I was back to my original form unable to muster in enough magic to even wield my wand, I was powerless before all that she was if I doubted her coming then my lack of power at this moment proves to me what true power meant, I who was supposed to be the greatest, watched as golden chains appeared from below bounding me to the ground.

“I may embody the darkness but my grace is far from beyond, I may walk atop corpse but I know my will is just and fair, I will seek out the light to ensure everything that I am, and if Seiran falls then my divinity is proven true, even though I remain completely shrouded in darkness”


I heard those words stinging my soul realizing what was about to happen to my planet, I picked up my wand for one last try as I tried to destroy the chains but my spell was reflected back upon my wand and it shattered into pieces together with all the hope and sacrifices, I had claimed were my own. Queen majestically walked closer to where I was as her gown dragged itself within the pools of blood and corpses, the battlefield was filled with cries and sorrow but everything around her was silent.

“They’re called the chains of enslavement the more you fight them, the stronger they become, I truly do admire your sense of spirit, this much potential, but your freedom has made you weak Lawland, and that’s why I’m here, to collect penance for the Dark one and to correct his mistakes of the past making sure fate runs its true course, with Seiran under the domain of the Dark Universe”


I watched her draw her sword coming my way and I wished fate could be changed as easily as she said, if our destinies are already written then which power do we possess to change it? Is this the end of Witchkind in Seiran?

I closed my eyes awaiting the strike knowing it would be the end of me, but the sensation made me open them back, a calm stillness that transverse the entire battleground, all the rage and malice in the air gone, this was no longer Queen, I looked at her and her gaze was fixated on something from the sky, descending into our realm like a weightless feather.

Weightless in all his majesty a man fell a few feet away from us, white hair and white eyes, as pure as they came, wearing a rabbit’s mask with black lining on it, with a pale and an unusual dark skin making him even more lifeless, I couldn’t gauge his powers, I couldn’t gauge what he was, he was an entity beyond my reach and understanding.

At this point I was completely dumbfounded by what was happening, his cold gaze swept across the battlefield as he witnessed all that has happened, Queen’s malice and hate were peaking in seconds she has been feeding off all the dark energy on the field and I was sure she was about to unleash all that she was on this stranger, but as he looked at her, for the first time I saw a reaction on Queen’s face, one filled with dread and craze but his, I couldn’t quite understand. Queen leaped to attack him and he drew his sword gently and unfazed.

“My will is yours and all that has been given, has been taken, so return to all that you are”

White Rabbit

and with a cold gaze he sliced through her and all the blacksmith armament was stripped away from her body and there she was, a teenager with a gash on her chest and a tear in her eyes with golden locks flowing in the air as she crumbled to dust, and just as she came to my world nothing of her was remaining.

In rage her familiars tried to fight her assailant but before they reached him a portal appeared and another monstrosity appeared with skin as black as coal, long ears, and white hair with a very dark stare, A Dark Elf. “Stop!!!” he said to the familiars’ “Fallback”, I watched in shock as all of Queen’s Familiars opened a portal and left my planet, and just before the portal closed the dark elf said to the stranger “Until another time, Rabbit” as all the blacksmith’s armament vanished with them never to be seen again.

The stranger looked at me as I stayed there unable to move an inch as I was stunned beyond reason, I who claimed knowledge knew nothing about my universe and existence itself, he pointed his sword to the sky and said “Rally upon all that you are, Rally upon the tree of truth and justice, Executioners’ Descend”. He said those words as an energy beam shot out of his sword and he flew after it.

I didn’t know what to feel nor what to say, minutes ago I was sure I was going to die now here I am, alive and well, unable to comprehend what had happened. My mind went blank as an overwhelming presence filled the air and the gravity was threatening to rip me to shreds, A being with golden robes and golden hair adorned in golden jewels from head to toe appeared before me bright and virtuous, definitely, a god, no being in this universe possess such overbearing divinity.

“Be rest assured Lucy Lawland, that was the call of the first king under the red sun, only those marked as his brethren can hear it, but you Lucy are born defined, I have seen all that you have fought and I believe that destiny has greater things in store for you. I, Liam the Fourth bestow upon you, Daughter of Mysteries, Protector of Secrets, The Merciful Witch, The Mistress of Chaos and Fairies, Protector of the realm of Witches and gods alike, A Marked Slave” 

Liam The Fourth

Hearing those words my existence felt like it was fading and as I exhausted myself, I lost consciousness knowing my world had been saved and at least all I held dear was worth saving.

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