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Lucy and The Queen’s Guild

In the name of what is right and what is just, I’ve killed, I’ve betrayed tons, and I’ve called forth chaos and mischief beyond reason, maybe its’s my fate, but the wishes of all those who have fallen by my means still haunt my dreams, unable to forget their own dreams and what they stood for, even as I watched them die and wither away, as I trample upon all that they are and all they wished they will ever be.

Maybe is my Karma and all the curses they’ve laid upon my soul but hear I am beaten, broken, and tattered. Outsmarted unable to win in a battle of wits, unable to break all these chains and thoughts holding me down. I, who thought myself powerful now understands where my weakness truly lies and where my hubris hid.

I have truly walked a path shrouded in darkness claiming to be what I’m not ‘A Dark Witch’, Claiming it was to save my people and I did save them, but the Demon lord proved to us all the hypocrisy of our actions and for a very first time we found ourselves questioning the intentions that lie within our hearts and souls. As our greed knew no bounds our universe would have died from our actions.

I have saved my brethren from the sisters of mystery, and I have attained praises and acknowledgment over and over again for my deeds and my actions, but yet again what is this feeling in my heart, in my soul, what does she truly possess that makes her more special than all I’ve been and all that I am.

Why can’t my attacks reach her even though she’s just a few feet away, have I been forsaken because I have bestowed upon myself titles not mine upon myself, or is she just too graceful that a mirage much like myself can’t compare, and at that fleeting moment I gazed upon my adversary and I had a thought

“I’m I going to lose this fight”.

I’ve been thinking over and over how I reached this point in my story but no matter how many times I see it I never thought such a thing will be plausible, it started about two months ago as all the Dark energy spewed across our universe and it began to go back to the shell it came from, and with it much of the powers it gave us.

The Dark Universe that we all thought was dormant now showed signs of life and all of us who called ourselves dark or tainted with darkness were poisoned by the essence of all that we are, and dark witches died and they were nearly driven out to extinction, and we pure witches marked by the dark energy… our truth was bare for all to see.

If we thought our magic was pure and holy and forgot the truth of Angelica Vermont in our pride, then our dwindling numbers were even more shocking, as the root of our pure essence laid in the darkness, even the magic coursing through our veins began to poison and kill us too.

Even I who stood as the brightest witch of my age, the Icy Witch, Ruler of the kingdom of our western borders. I could still feel my dark magic devour my soul, but as the Fairy Mistress, the Fairies did everything in their power to keep me alive.

We thought it was all over for our planet by the end of winter unknown to us that it was just the beginning of a full-scale war with something unknown to us, even though as witches we stand as a penance for all the grace showered upon us since the beginning of the age of men and witches alike.

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