Lucy and the Sister’s of Mystery

Many had called forth the need for chaos and mischief that lies within their hearts, but none had called it forth like I did, Destiny has always fated those who were special and pure and as though I command Pandora’s box, I also have the power to wield it, heights many had hoped they could’ve attained, but not just anybody is gifted with power and even those with power yearn for penance but those who have called forth evil have confirmed the will of Pandora like none other, and with each moment that I wield my wand I can feel the ghost of lost ones riding upon my shoulders, the king and his knights and the choices they made, the peace and chaos that came after, the horrors of despair that plagued their daily lives and the stench of death that lingered in the air, the war of kings, the orb of destiny, their sorrows and wailing that calls upon the chaos and mischief in a witch, for their own curse, to serve their own purpose like all the ones marked by the raven.

I like it, how the mighty have fallen shaken by their own foolishness, let them hate, let them scorn, let them lay curses upon my damned soul and let their malice be my power, as I continue to refuse to hear their enchanting melodic destinies, a chance to wander for eternity, they who are the ravens of death, so I know my destiny is mine to wield and forge.

As many knew the shrewdness and trickery of the blacksmith, we the sisters of mystery who echo the Arcanum, knew there were prices that had to be paid and only those who are truly worthy and chosen can attain the power of the orb of destiny, for they are numerous and bountiful.

We reached the place where we found one of the orbs of destiny only to realize we do not possess enough chaos and our magic was not strong enough to unlock the doors, we knew we needed more power but nobody dares start a war with the Varmodian Alliance, unlike we who were truly yearning for the need to derive chaos and mischief, my sisters’ and I wielded Pandora’s box to its optimum potentiality but we knew in other to brew the malice and hate that lies within the heart of men and witches alike, death must occur, chaos must exceed understanding and the only thing that can give that much chaos is war.

My sisters and I like crows at night feasting upon souls, we descended upon the kingdom in the western seaboard, and as we watch our kins’ fall, between the pure witches, warlocks, knights and the tainted ones, curses laid given on their fallen souls, pure witches hunt, warlocks and knights hunt but when dark witches hunt, we collect, collectors of the power that comes from all that we are, they might have been what we were but they are not chosen, and with every soul of their that falls by our hands all that they are becomes a part of all that we are.

Ever since that faithful night when I made my oath with my sisters, two years and a half had passed, and many wars had been waged, the cleansing of hopes and futures, my sisters cherish a world where all they wished for could be possible, they wanted a world of their own where they can rule as gods, lost to the challenge of the title of god my sisters and I follow the call of mystery, the call of Arcanum, where mystery joins magic, mystery becomes the cure so that those who dream might create.

Here we find ourselves again at the gate where the orb lies, in a race of eternity, with the wars we fought for the past two and a half years, Seiran brewed for us enough chaos enough to conquer worlds, and as the first sister pushed the doors open, inside was muddy and swampy with cobwebs covered everywhere within the cave with moths on the rocks, with a gust of wind flowing within the cave my sister’s and I could feel the immense presence of the orb of Destiny consume ourselves and being.

And as we finally laid our eyes on the object, joy overwhelmed us as my sisters remain exalted I remain in question, why did it need that much chaos, I kept on thinking but my sisters were sure they had found that which will fulfil their wishes and give them transcendence.

My sisters and I went to the centre of our world and laid the orb there and as the six of us activated the orb the barrier around the orb was broken and all the malice and dark enemy it had gathered and devoured was released and the orb began to count down on their wishes and as the orb was counting down I looked at it well enough and for the first time my foresight worked and my doubts were confirmed and the dark magic inside the orb was increasing threatening to consume everything within its path since the hunt came from another dimension I thought the original orb of destiny will be in another world but if the memories of the king and his knight serves me right then this is not a copy but rather, an original.

Last time the original was seen it was at the verge of destroying that time-line, now here I am remembering the wordings of my past hoping it was all I needed, remembering the sayings of my past wishing it had ended the way they said, remembering the seed I sowed knowing I will have to reap it all, the warnings of my past and wished I heeded them the curses in my past and present knowing it is time for them to be visited upon me, how could she have done that, how could she have cursed me, that wench of a dauntless, and as I watch my knowledge be my downfall I knew my sisters will fight for everything they wished for even if it will lead them to their deaths, but choices made are choices taken, and there are always consequences for our actions, they have made theirs and I have made mine, and as the countdown finally reached five minutes remaining, I watched as the air trembled with so much uncertainty after all we weren’t the ones who made it and the command of its master will forever linger within it and from the skies gold dust began to cover the night sky like snow in winter.

“What’s this?” my first sister said, as a small live cloud appeared above me shielding me from the gold dust dropping from the skies, I watch them one by one as the gold dust entered their bodies and clogged their hearts and lungs, turning their blood gold before suddenness of death overtakes them as they die from suffocation, poison specially made from gold fairy dust in the forest of Hilwa, very effective.

I walked up to the orb and prayed I could stop it but unfortunately for me my powers were depleted after the ceremony and the energy of the orb was beginning to eat through bits and pieces of my soul, I began to panic thinking all hope was lost before I realised that the price I paid was not enough for the barter to happen, “I needed a higher payment” I thought to myself, I swore to never ever use the dauntless curse seal ever again because the more I used it the more it taints the balance between the pure and dark magic I possessed and it was already tainted enough, any more will be dangerous but what could I have done in a moment of truth like this.

I reached out my arms around the orb of destiny as I call forth the spirit of the dauntless but even she had no solution to my problem, for the only person that possessed the power to help me now was the Great Dark Witch Angelica Vermont and I knew nothing of which she possessed if not utter darkness and evil but the price I had to pay to stop the calamity from happening was truly high.

Angelica heard my plea and accepted it and true dark power like I have never felt before filled my entire being ‘was this what it felt to be a god or am I still far from that, even after coming this far’, the orb devoured my skin from my entire arms to my neck and Angelica replaced it with the essence of the tree witch which served as the base of all the dark energy Angelica had gathered, the orb stopped and I knew all that had to happen had to, but the wishes of my sisters still lingered within my heart and haunt my soul for the will of the blacksmith was truly shrewd and the orb of destiny would’ve destroyed all that we are with no trace at all for we were those who were not chosen and hadn’t surpassed all that we are.

Lucy and the trial of Seiran.

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