Lucy and The Trial of Seiran 2

I turned and looked at the legions and legions of demons behind me, hungry to devour everything they felt from seiran stroked with the pain of their home, the thousands years blood oath

I turned and looked at the legions and legions of demons behind me, hungry to devour everything they felt from Seiran stricken with the pain of their home, the thousands years blood oath, generations upon generations paying a debt we never ensured upon ourselves, only energy like that of Seiran could call forth the pandora’s curse upon our universe, after all, unknown to them they were already haunted by one of her plagues, the touch of mischief and chaos, that which brings the true nature of a witch something only a few witches had in Orbious but in Seiran they were all like that, all of us went through the test of tests in Orbious, and many never returned, they wanted to unleash all their rage upon this world that cost our world everything, we wanted revenge and as vengeful demons, we will descend upon them devouring all Seiran is and will ever be.

“My Brethren, this is no longer an infiltration but an invasion, let loose and let the trial of Seiran begin, devour all that they are, and unleash your rage and the pain of your world upon this witches place, let their bowels run dry and their seas run red engulfed in flames as you take your fill, descend as crows upon their souls and overwhelm their hearts in despair as all they feel is fear and all they fear is you as I become the most dreaded in existence, so feast to your fill until I command you to stop”.

As my demons descend from the pocket dimension, Seiran first true trial began and with calamity, upon calamity, Seiran felt the rage of my world, their kingdoms fell devoured by the storms of nature itself, their magic devoured from this air itself in its essence, at last, their own planet turned against them and in weeks they were husks of what they used to be, I knew my brethren wouldn’t hold back not after given a chance like this, to revisit all that was done upon them.

One night I received a message from the highest ruling order in Seiran, The Varmodian Alliance inviting I the Demon Lord For a parley, I laughed at the name they’ve chosen to call their unknown adversary, oh how I laugh to scorn, Haul was so excited who could make a better entrance if not HAUNTED HALLOWEEN.

I picked up my mask and it was heavy Haul too didn’t hold back too I guess, and as I wore it HAUNTED HALLOWEEN came to be as he teleported into their courtroom, I know that his form scares them and his power is that of their fears, and with their fears, I could see all of their deepest and darkest mischiefs they all had in each of their hearts, I walked amidst them and stood in front of the highest throne was a pure witch, a quite powerful one at that, they knew the darkness HAUNTED HALLOWEEN was radiating was beyond measure even they bloodhounds were not a match for his thirst.

“What do you seek in our world Demon Lord,” she said as she looked at his majesty doubting if I even heard their language, He smiled and as he raised his mask my human form became visible to them and I could see the shock in their eyes after all Haul was hovering above me menacing.

“I seek The Orb of Destiny, I know it’s here”

“It might be here but none of us knows the location of it?” she replied.

“Lies, Lies you feed to the world, lies you tell yourself, I can see what darkness and mischief lay your hearts”

And at that moment Haul made a gentle shrill and I knew he was getting irritated with this charade already and was clawing away at my skin begging me, causing me pain he wanted to cause others so I just let him devour just their fears and in all the thoughts I perceived one, in particular, my interest, “you” I said pointing at the crowd as they parted apart as if they all knew who I was pointing and as I watched her walk out, fiercely and vengeful her stride was, but sorrowful and mournful her gaze was, is this bravery or is this conceit, is this nothing of what she wanted or is this exactly as she planned.

“You have what I seek, you know what I seek”

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