Lucy and The Trial of Seiran 3

Is this bravery or is this conceit, is this nothing of what she wanted or is this exactly as she planned. “You have what I seek , you know what I seek”

 In one sweep Haul pulled her and like a magnet, she flew toward me and I could feel the dread that showered over her, as all the dark energy she got from the orb came seeping out of her as she screamed in pain and agony, as thought after thought of hers passed through me, and I realized her greatest fear was the power of her mind and knowledge, how peculiar, I looked as she fell limp to the ground

“You made no sacrifices you are just as weak and incapable like the rest of them, what’s the point of knowledge and power, if all its seek is the end of others, you just thought for yourself and never found a reason to fight for others, give me what I seek or I swear to you, your world will come to end by my hand”

I watched her steady herself up before she looked at me with a determined gaze, this girl had no fear in me but feared herself even more, “I will give you what you seek, but after that leave and never return” I nodded my head I couldn’t believe why her eyes never wavered and as she crushed her necklace under her palms I could feel her magic rise, but what she was, was never something I cared to know and as she teleported us to the location of the orb of destiny and as I saw it, I knew it was the real thing personally crafted by the blacksmith but the moment I touched it the countdown continued ‘not this again’ and as all the dark energy started to seep out to consume everything within its reach, I let out Haul as he devoured all the dark energy but more of it was still coming, and Haul ate till the dark energy was threatening to consume the both of us ‘is this death I feel’ I chuckled ‘am I about to die’.

In that moment the pure witch that I thought had left already, joined me in stopping the orb, I thought she was not the strong type but just a reckless one, but as the ring on her forefinger got crushed by the orbs pressure, her skin turned to white, her eyes completely turned black so as her hair, her hands to her neck were tree-like, I looked at her and at that moment our minds crossed and so did our thoughts, her beauty and the beauty of her soul itself captivated me.

“Who are you” I thought to myself.

Lucy Lawland” her thought went straight into my head as she smiled at me and we stood there panting having had stopped the orb from destroying us all, I looked at her and was about to smile back when I felt it, a tear in time and space much like what I did, is someone coming from a possible future I have already created by my actions so far for this exact moment, I entered my stance waiting, have I rip apart the space and time continuum so much that a Time Wraith has been sent to end me, I smirked I wasn’t about to risk anything not after when the race of eternity is finally within my grasp and that’s when I saw him, what!!!.

I didn’t even sense when he entered the space and before I knew it he was in front of me with a black dagger on its way to pierce my heart and I could literary feel it erase my energy but luckily I blocked it, unfortunately for Lucy, the force blew her to the footsteps of the chamber and as my gaze moved to her my assailant sliced me and then he stopped time itself and I could see him clearly even though I was still in time, red eyes and two daggers at hand with an emblem of a man stabbing a Dragon coiled on within itself devouring itself, and as he stabbed the orb of Destiny all the hate and the malice it gathered was gone taken away and I just realized he wasn’t a time Wraith but a time traveller like me someone even more menacing and then he vanished and everything was back to normal.

I picked up the Orb of Destiny and looked deep within it and there it was the location of the throne-less Kingdom, the Race of eternity, I summoned all my brethren, it was time we went back and see all we did, and at that moment I heard her thoughts

“You never told me your name?, Demon Lord?”

I looked at Lucy from afar, will it even make any difference, I shook my head.

Tommy, My Name Is Tommy” and I vanished as another tale calls forth my soul, the challenge of the Eternal Knight is his but the battle of succession is mine for I am the Champion of the Blacksmith. he who stands above the pinnacle of everything, he who has surpassed his truest self.

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