Cover Art for Lucy and the Trial of Seiran

Lucy and The Trial of Seiran

I stand upon the pinnacle of everything, I who have surpassed his true self and attained the power of the orb of destiny, it is mine so as its will, I the lord of Demons they who rally as legions upon the pride of the souls, in the pack’s pride they find solace, for they are those who stand in the truth of their home, Orbious, Orbians.

I seeketh fear, I have devoured curses and Haul has just begun to have his fun, but as I lay my hand upon my prize he who has I realized all they’ve fought for, for thousands and thousands of years was a hoax, a lie, it was just as I thought, that lousy deceitful blacksmith, it all started with him it will end with him, the Orb of Destiny that the wandering wizard brought to my homeworld was nothing but a fake, another spawn of the true thing, I wondered and wondered and realized I truly had everything I needed, he who has surpassed his truest self.

I called upon Haul and he answered proudly, I asked him to seek the root of all chaos ever rooted to the orb of destiny and as Haul devoured it all my mind was upon to the endlessness of the universe and my mind was truly overwhelmed by what lies I was seeing and the truth I was learning, all the timelines, the first ripple was Dona Maria the custodian of our universe then the throne-less kingdom they who thought power was everything, then the wandering wizard he who had taken thousands of lifetimes then finally the blacksmiths legacy.

I see it now, I can see beyond it all and the true orb’s energy was last felt in Seiran thousands of years into the past, on that day of our reckoning where many may be too many sacrifices were made in Orbious, will my choices affect my present but if the will of Dona Maria still prescribes my timeline then maybe all that I am is not all that I am destined to destroy, for her will is eternal and Dona Maria will surely grant me access to where it all began when the orb of destiny called forth the curse of Pandora upon my universe and Orbious was the first to be destroyed only to be saved be just in time by the wandering wizard.

I prayed to Dona Maria and weaved the greatest time travelling spell known to man in the universe and arrived at Seiran just after the orb called forth Pandora’s curse, I will find it my own orb but as I tried to use my own orb from the future its will was not even strong enough to compare to what I was feeling in Seiran and it shattered and turned into dust.

Seiran, what kind of planet is this, what were they doing with the orb of destiny, their choices where shrewd filled with crude intentions their curses were evil tainted by mischief unknown to them the cost we paid for the choices they made, I had never felt the churning of fear like this, I couldn’t even compare it to that of the bloodhounds, our history told us that our ancestors were evil and they devoured the spirit of nature and were punished for their evil deeds by the gods who called forth Pandora’s curse upon my world and then we were saved by the wandering wizard who had taken a thousand lifetimes, the hoax, the lie, history told to weaken our hearts and resolve, that was why we suffered for all that time trapped within the mischief of the Blacksmith, all for what, all for nothing and now they claim their civility in their homes on their bed in their academics, science, knowledge, kingdoms, empires, covens, cults, all of them pure witches, warlocks, knight, tainted ones, cursed ones and those that irritated me the most dark witches, they whom have called forth so much evil they reek of the curse of Pandora.

Haul chains rattle huh,  a keen smell indeed something still raw of evil untainted by the orb or the curse of the wandering wizard pure untamed power brewed by evil and fear, HAUNTED HALLOWEEN wants out but what can I give him if not an actual treat he deserves.

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