Lucy Lawland

In a star like every other star, a planet like every other planet, Seiran flourished with magic, a new dawn has reached the world of men and wizardry alike, for magic is for all and is for none, and all those who have power surely do, for a world filled with Pure witches, Dark witches and The Nightingale Order peace truly reigned within the chaos that plagued their daily lives.

In a Sub-Urban witch city, a girl had heard her seniors talking about a tale of the old and then curiously decided to ask her old grandfather to teach her of the tale of the old days, That night as the moon shined brightly on skies and voices of nature fills the night sky, the little girl asked her grandfather, surprised by her question since it was something she was not supposed to know yet, her grandfather asked her where she heard it from, the little girl replied quite enthusiastically saying she heard and got curious, her grandfather stared for a long time at the fire that burned inches away from his feet before finally deciding to tell her but before he started to talk he made her swear not to ever ask this of anyone ever again for those who seek the past in this world of theirs are those who seek chaos and mischief.

Long ago at the helm of The Dark Ages, Dark witches were still out and about in the world, the Remnants of a forgotten war, we found ourselves plagued by their monsters of the night as they came within the shroud of the night, in the darkness they came for our children and gone they were never to be seen again. But within our chaos there was Lucy, Born a Pure witch, Very bright, Very beautiful, Very energetic, with a curiosity for knowledge, power and the secrets of the universe that threatened to consume even the bravest of soul, true power might be a blessing but it might also be a curse and so was the tale of Lucy Lawland.

In that time of fear and terror, people stopped moving around in the night in the fear of being killed or bewitched by dark witches, but none was preferable, and none of this concerned Lucy, 8 Years old but she went anywhere she wanted, even those places that were prohibited, Lucy couldn’t stop her gut but she had a feeling that the children that were taken were not that far away, she wanted to tell the older ones but the mischievous Lucy knew all the fun will be taken away from her adventure so she decided to go on her own.

On that faithful night Lucy gathered all her equipment’s, a long black torch to see in the night, her magnifying glass in case she sees something interesting and her book of spells that every witch needed to have, Lucy walked through the graveyard shining her torch moving towards where she expected to find clues that will allow her find the children, Lucy shrieked as she caught the gaze of a raven in the dark, the raven stared at her and she stared back into its black orbs and it was pitch dark and unending and Lucy couldn’t just understand how irritated she was by its stare so she chased it away with all the energy she had with her torch light at hand, she finally relaxed as the raven flew away, full of energy Lucy strolls away and when she finally reached the last spot where a child was taken, Lucy tried out a spell she had learnt in the class, a de cloaking spell, Lucy was right around here when the girl was kidnapped so she felt their presence but didn’t see them since they lurked in the darkness and just as she thought they were foot prints and remnants of Dark magic lingering in the air, Lucy followed the foot prints and Dark magic until she finally reached the Dark witch’s hideout but unfortunately for her she had gotten a little bit too excited and moved too close to the compound and was captured by one of the witch’s golem and taken into the house.

Lucy was taken In and since she was a little girl the dark witch didn’t even panic it even made her happy she had found another pure witch and now she could amass herself even more power, the dark witch told the golem to put her into the cage with the remaining children and surprisingly for Lucy even though it was not all the children that were taken a quite many of them were there, Lucy looked around trying to see if she could escape but the number of the children there was disturbing her, she asked and she was told that the dark witch took them away and drained their pure magic for herself and never was they to be seen again, at the end scared she decided to not create any ruckus for the night and sleep.

Days went on as the dark witch forced the children to create magical crystals for her, one day the dark witch wanted to cast a spell but she wasn’t too varied on the arts of pure magic, the dark witch tried for days as Lucy carefully observed her but nothing ever worked.

Just as she was about to give up on the spell Lucy opted in to help her since she was very bright and knew more magic than her contemporaries, the dark witch flummoxed looked into Lucy’s eyes and busted out laughing, the dark witch commanded her golem to bring the girl over to her and seeing how truly smart Lucy was, the dark witch kept her close hoping the chaos and mischief she saw in her eyes will darken her soul, as weeks passed Lucy learned about the basis of Dark Magic and how different it was clearly compared to the art she had practised and was born in, finally the time came and the dark witch wanted to perform the spell in a ceremony that will enable her to grow with the children’s magic energy and with the help of Lucy she had finally cracked the last piece of the spell_ The Arts of Pure Magic.

With the combination of the two she could now take more not just their magic energy but also their mortality essence as pure witches, Lucy knew something was about to happen, eight new children were kidnapped and brought to the cage, Later that night the golem came and carried the ones that have been there including Lucy, upon reaching there Lucy knew what she wanted to do so she watched and waited and surprisingly she was excluded and became part of the audience, the Dark witch drew a huge magical circle, Lucy could understand the magical circle it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen in the world, so intricate yet so complicated a combination of Dark and Pure Magic and it piqued her interest, for the arithmetic was truly Artistic and exquisite but Lucy looked at the circle sadly knowing it would all come to a lonesome end.

Lucy watched as the Dark Witch began her chants and the spell filled the air and the space itself, the Dark Witch exclaimed in joy and excitement as the essence and magic of the children well up inside of her but as soon as the joy came the sooner it vanished and was replaced with pain and agony, the energy began to eat through her Dark energy, her eyes widened in fear and shock thinking ‘hadn’t she already solved issue of the spell with the help of Lucy’, in that second all became bare to her and all she could ask Lucy that stood outside the circle was How?, Lucy just looked at her and stated casually that all the symbols she taught her were correct but one, Lucy pointed at the symbol saying that the symbol does not represent transcendence but rather cleansing and since their magic was pure and cleansing was there the pure magic that was supposed to make her strong ate through her Dark Magic, and as her magic depleted so did she turn to dust and moments later her golems also collapsed, the children were freed and Lucy learned Dark Magic

The defeat of The Golem Witch by an eight-year-old came as a shock to all of us, none knew what had transpired and would transpire, she was powerful, and if she could do this much at this age what will she do when she is older, power corrupts the soul and beyond, for there can never be purity without a tint of darkness, chaos and mischief truly laid within the heart of Lucy Lawland, we all wondered for a while not knowing that more events were yet to come that would make our worries now seem seamless.

The old grandfather covered in a blanket became quiet for a long time remembering the days of hardship that came after that incident, he looked at his granddaughter and told her to be careful with her thirst for knowledge for the same fate that haunted Lucy might haunt her too if she is not careful with the mysterious symphony fate plays, the little girl nodded her head and her grandfather promised to tell her more when she grows up about Lucy Lawland.

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