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I am forced to think of you every second

My mind an endless field of chaos

The clamour of sadness sounds all,

Around me like I were the bearer of

All the world’s problems

I now fear night to come for the

Fear of countless sleepless nights

Thinking of you and nothing I can do

I wish you would let me in

Why have you left the world to

Cage you like an exotic breed

Locked in a cage

Can you not stretch your hand out

I promise with my living

And dying breath to hold on

But again it seems my help is

Not needed, it seems you have

It under control

I see the sparkles of hope in

Your eyes

So I guess its better

I leave you be maybe it is

All in your plan

Even if I can see the sadness

On your face, I’ll just assume

Its all in the act you surely

Have planned out

I hope with scars in my soul

That you’ll be mine

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