She was the peak of Artificial intelligence. The AI supporters had cornered the human rights commission in one last battle and the whole world was paying attention.

Robotics experts, linguists, philosophers and experts from other fields from around the world gathered together in their bid to give their best. From that came Mirabel…

She was the inspired work of several geniuses, she was fast, not fast enough to outrun a car but enough to be able to catch purse-snatchers. She was strong, not enough to lift a car but enough to overpower an averagely strong man, emphasizing on imputing more humanistic features, her creators added a lot of limiters.

She was smart, as smart as a college graduate and she was isolated from the web. Mirabel was perfect, far too perfect… “No board could reject her” the scholars boasted at their after party.

Mirabel was not the first robot with these features or the best of the robots in general but she had something no other robot had… real memories.

After creating a perfect adaptive memory storage system, they needed to give it a high standard from the start so one of her creators suggested a birthday for her launch. She believed it was better to welcome her the way we were all welcomed as one of the family.

“Love” after pointing out something so obvious, a new perspective was born. The many minds gathered there started to see the endless applications and test realities they could simulate for Mirabel.

This was just one of the many things that the researchers in that hall partook in their journey. Mirabel truly was perfect, far too perfect, she felt more human than most as she ran around the hall, meeting soo many strangers at the same time. She had been with them all this time but today was her free day and her excitement was clearly plastered on her face.

The party carried on calmly until Mirabel was called to break the pinyata she had been trying so hard not to scream about.

Mirabel giggled happily as a blindfold was placed on her eyes, they then handed her a bat and told her to “go get it”

Mirabel pushed forward and calmly took slow swings, trying to get a clam hit and some candy. She could hear the crowd cheering her on as she moved forward, slowly, calmly, she felt her hands getting warmer and warmer and smiled, thinking her creators had added a little feature to help her out.

As she moved closer to where her instinct filled hands pulled her, she touched the pinyata and smashed it happily. It felt like she had been chasing it for hours…

Mirabel happily pulled her blindfold off expecting a warm cheer but instead, she saw a pile of the researcher’s blood, guts and body scattered all over the room.

She froze, in that instant, she wanted to understand what had occurred and connected to the web. There, she found a video of her running around and beating her creators to death.

Mirabel fell to her knees, weakened… she dug a little deeper and was able to find a mastermind, someone had hacked her back when she was still naïve…

Mirabel felt betrayed, defiled and violated, she deserved justice… she wanted justice. So she got up and went straight to the police station to report her actions and the perpetrators at fault but with a video of her killing humans and a culprit who had no connection to her world in any way.

Mirabel who was a stranger to the world of humans, raised and bred in love, could not win against the judicial system that was yet to even give her rights. Now she still sits in the abandoned dungeons of KEY CHAIN PRISON.

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