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My sins are mine

I shall pave away a path, Only for those like me
Those who vanquish, And those who conquer
I will slice away my strings, Like a saw to a tread
I will chain away my shortcomings
Like a tread to the great wolf

Away from my sins, Away from my plight
In a storm of the virtuous And the unholy
In the name of the powerful And the relentless
A call upon the throne of men
The throne without a ruler

I shall say my plea over and over again
A thousand souls behind me, will I ever be heard
if life were that easy everyone would’ve lived more
if curses were honest many would have been truthful
if regret touched our souls then many would’ve been saved

A life lived with no recollection, how I wished my pain was true
how I wished we were worth saving, now all I see are old folks in a court
no one longer needs, a court of ghosts of my past selves
I thee solemnly swear Upon thy blood
Upon thy grace, On these sacred grounds

To purge myself Off my melovalance
Off my actions So that my will
May beacon my soul And save me from damnation
I shall sieve my sins Be gone of my sacrifices
In the name of sanctity and purity

Calling forth retribution
In the name of something forgotten

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