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My Tree


Peace and wisdom… this was the way of life they lived by. The first war ever waged was over and people had decided to live together in harmony, accepting anything the universe threw at them.

As if being called forth, that’s when it came… a meteorite.

The people rushed to the site of the crash only to see a little sapling in the middle of the crater, it was a tree they had never seen before and its beauty was something alien-like to them but beautiful all the same.

They came together and nurtured this tree all looking forward to its growth. Before long, it sprang up to become the world’s most entrancing sight to behold.

It was marvelous… but the humans who knew about the war were growing old and dying off and the new generation was going back to their old ways… some wanted the tree for themselves and some wanted to investigate it, some wanted to erase it and so on; conflict broke out.

The tree, in its sadness, watched as the beings who had taken care of it started to shed blood for its sake. Unable to speak, it decided to conceal its existence and warped itself to another dimension on a different plain in the same space… but this didn’t stop the bloodshed, instead, it escalated it.

The tree wept in loud screams for the remainder of the years as he watched generation after generation point their greed at different things and shed blood for it.

That is until she came and told it, to wipe its tears…

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