My Worst Fears

‘Everyone irrespective of who they are, have fears, even those who claim to not be afraid turn out to simply be afraid of being afraid. Comical isn’t it?’

Some kids were playing together in the evening and they were talking about what to do. It wasn’t that they were not surrounded by fun things to engage in, they had simply grown bored after playing in the same playground for years

One of the four children suggested that they should go around town on their own. Another rejected this idea saying their parents will get angry with them but when he tried to defend his point they treated him like he was scared but he stood his ground and a few minutes later their parents came around to pick them

This incident should have easily passed by as a misunderstanding but the other kids held the grudge against him for ruining their fun. The next day he went to join his friends to play and they completely ignored him. He tried to make amends by apologizing but they wouldn’t listen

‘I’ll do anything if you’ll forgive me’ he said in desperation to his angry friends hoping to win their favour back

They smiled when he said this and told him that if he really was sorry then he should come with them to explore the town after school today. He reluctantly agreed

Immediately after the closing bell, they snuck past the gate’s guard and ran into the big wide world. They turned in any random direction and started their journey together, as they walked alone on their own on the street without any supervision a new feeling of adventure dawned on them. Even the boy that was against it started to enjoy himself

They saw an ice cream vendor and they used the little money they had across all of them to purchase one cone which they all shared. This day couldn’t get any better that is if the world was such a forgiving place

The ice-cream vendor had casually asked them where their parents were and they had proudly said that they were out on their own. Turns out that the ice-cream seller was a child trafficker and he had just found the perfect prey

The kids walked around town for a long while before they noticed that it was getting late then they decided they had had enough fun and it was time to return to school. So they asked for directions back to their school and got them

On their way back, they noticed that an ice cream truck was following them. They stopped to wave at it as it passed them but it stopped, the driver winded down his window and asked them ‘where are you headed?’

One of them wanted to answer but the cautious kid who had refused to go yesterday stopped him and told the driver they were okay

‘Why? You can trust me’ the driver said looking around

‘Thank you sir but we’ll be on our way now’ he said and dragged his friends

The ice cream man didn’t say anything, he simply drove behind them slowly. When he did this the kids started to feel the fear their friend was feeling. They stopped so the car would pass them but it stopped beside them again and this time the driver got down and look around before he came running at them with a crowbar

Seeing a grown man charging at them with a weapon ignited their survival instincts and they ran for their lives. They barely shook him off their tail before they arrived at their school, police cars were parked at the door and there seemed to be some sort of problem. The ice cream man noticed and returned to his truck while they ran into the premises

Their parents and the school had reported them missing so they were relieved they were okay but they still reprimanded them. The next day, the cautious kid asked them if they wanted to go out again, they said ‘no’ and he was glad that their wings of carelessness had been clipped

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