Myth of Solomon

Righteous are those blessed with true blessings, those blessings that take power and those blessings that give power.

The power obtained over miracles and the power obtained wielding miracles, the eternal realm has ever been one void of mysteries.

Not all those known are seen are explained, some bewilder the minds and existence of even those who dwell within the eternal realm, moreover especially those who reign over it.

A long time ago, The first wanderer Cain roamed the realm of men in search of truth and salvation, cursed to roam the land of men, he wandered.

And everywhere he went to was always filled with dissolute and destruction, in an existence where men never dreamt for the future or any sort of power the first gods ruled over everything in glory and greatness.

But a wheel that is weak will only break when tested by the hurdles of fate.

As the first gods roamed the greater universe each came with their calling and their purpose, becoming the bedrock of the eternal realm, some seeking anew end and some seeking a new beginning.

Our actions yielded great results, but so was our transgressions.

In a reign of bond and blood, born and blessed, some called them children of gods while others called them Demi gods.

Individuals, and creatures spawned across the greater universe each bearing its own mark, each wielding their own blessing.

Their power shocked many of us, but also captured our intrigue.

The Golden Age of gods and Heroes had just begun, and the only thoughts filling our minds are questions, questions begotten from the consequences of our actions.

Just as we surpassed and devoured our fathers, an even greater opposing force has been placed before us, as we too are tested with the same fate.

To watch our offsprings be what we never imagined ourselves becoming, and attaining heights we still yearn for and know its forever beyond us.

In this time of great turmoil, many gods in the eternal realm tried to beat the fates and find the origin of this mysterious power, these blessings.

But with all our powers and prophecies, it was still beyond us, those blessed had the power over fate itself, to change the tides in seconds, in moments.

Our search led us to the edges of the eternal realm just before the horizon, and as the lighthouse shunned across the endless expanding darkness

In those deemed stars we began to hear stories, stories of our great demise or our great future, we all had our disputes to what it truly meant.

The Myth of Solomon tells the tale of equilibrium, in a universe where vices are alien, a tale of balance.

for existence to be perfectly balanced, then a world with no shortcomings is required, where true peace is wielded for the purpose of one, for the peace of all.

A world truly far beyond anything the eternal realm will ever be.

To accept the existence of Solomon, was to accept that one day, a universe will come to be where gods are no more, or has it been already?.

A time where our era’s end and legacies have been consumed by our past, where all our sins have been visited upon us.

but to also reject the existence of Solomon, is to reject the existence of those born blessed with a blessing, the power to wield miracles.

powers High gods seek in their entire lifetimes and never seem to attain.

Those with blessings are those who possess the miracles of Solomon, divine tools, objects, beings, birds and creatures.

All of Solomon, All of his court, Solomon ruled over all in a land where men flourished, maybe beyond us, maybe before us, in a time where gods are no more.

In silence we shall await our moment of questioning just as the Myth of Solomon dictates.

None of us could reject all that we’ve seen with our eyes, nor can we deny all that we’ve heard with our ears,

so we all decided to keep our ears to the ground and let the seamstresses tell their tales as we witness and watch in amazement in what form will man reach for the heavens.


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