No Excuses

“Love overcomes all”, this is a common belief among mankind and their sister races.

In a land where such words could be backed up by magic, alchemy and sorcery. A wife refused to attend her husband’s funeral… she instead took to the streets with the intention of bringing back her loved one.

Her aim was a simple one but the processes it required were numerous and she had only three months before it was too late. TO make her journey short and a success she had spent their whole savings on a scroll that was supposed to lead her to a treasure that would make her husband’s revival easy

The distance was not a problem, but the forbidden territories she had to cross over were numerous and she never backed down. Through each trial, she pushed herself occasionally coming close to death but escaping safely.

Her destination was at the bottom of a forbidden valley. When she arrived they were small craters indicating things had fallen here before but she could see no trace of them.

She ignored this and headed straight for the black box that stood tall in the middle of the valley.

She had been warned not to touch it directly but to use her husband’s corpse and as the medium, he would come back to her.

She kept the warnings close to her heart and stayed far from it as she prepared a magic circle around it to summon her husband. She had marked his body before he was buried so she could call on his body anytime.

She began her spell with a drop of her blood on the circle and as she stood chanting, behind her, a huge fragment was shot into her planet’s orbit and was heading her way but she was too focused on her spell. She had never tried this level of alchemy before so she was struggling to channel her energy into it.

The fragment on the other hand was feeling lucky seeing a vessel that had its guard down and dived straight in.

As she was about to complete her spell, it attached itself to her and she immediately felt the burn in her heart and screamed… with all that energy she easily summoned her husband and merged him with the box and she passed out.

When she woke up, she was laying on her husband’s lap. As she looked up at his face feeling his warmth, tears filled her eyes as she smiled.

“Welcome back, honey,” he said smiling brightly. She jumped up and embraced him tightly still crying. He rubbed her head while smiling, he was also glad to be back but…

As she cried, she felt a burn in her heart and she pulled away from him. She stood up and turned away from him, she could hear a voice inside her, that’s when she noticed that although her loved one was back, he looked burnt like he was made of charcoal. He noticed her worry and embraced her behind.

“Love conquers all remember” she whispered in her ear and she laughed and bit her lip as she nodded in agreement.

They couldn’t return home with her husband looking like that, so they were forced to travel the open lands as a couple tied by a fragment.

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