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Noble Knights

Was it what it meant to be noble 

Or what it meant to be honest 

I never knew, I searched for knowledge 

Even though I was told that only that 

Which is meant to be known, will be known 

I’ve seen words, I’ve seen men 

Even though all I remain and continue 

To be is a mad man to my peers 

I will seek that which is unknown 

And pray for the future, maybe,

That may be, I will be of importance 

Even if it is for one poor soul in need

What was it? Was it how Noble they were 

Or was it the sacrifices they’ve made 

Their choices count, they’ve always counted

Fate has favored them in the eyes of the beholder 

Filled with grace, tainted by nobility

Not after he came, not after what he offered 

But even still, with the power of the stain 

They came to be Holy and untainted 

In the face of power and knowledge 

Their grasp unhinged and unhindered 

Overwhelming strength in the face of opposition 

How I wish their story was not to end 

But theirs shall surely come to an end 

With his return, for all those who call themselves

His subjects shall bear witness 

And they are beyond all, his Holy Knights

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