Planet ‘Deco’ the name came from surrounding civilizations. That planet had been the most prosperous among them all but their pride had consumed them, in their need to put down all that surrounded them, they created a world-destroyer that placed them at the top.

Unfortunately for them, the destroyer decided in the long run that they were the problem and erased them.

He did, a few hours later but it was strange. The destroyer had intended to attack him the moment he got up and killed so much as a flower and was eagerly waiting knowing how impossible of a task he had set for this stranger. But the stranger rose up to the task and was moving without causing any permanent damage to anything. The destroyer was amazed and moved forward to meet this curious individual.

He got close to the man in front of him, expecting him to be terrified but he was instead welcomed with a smile. The destroyer laughed in broken tones as the stranger laughed too, he had become so feared that he had completely forgotten that he was a tiny robot.

This meeting was an occurrence in both of their fates, as the man called “Rabbit” and the robot called “Nubow” lived the next many years together, there in peace.

Nubow had protected his planet and secured their place in history. An epidemic had spread across their land and to protect the surrounding planets, they created Nubow to erase them and keep others at bay till he could break the curse placed on them.

Nubow had spent the last many, many, many years organizing ritual after ritual, trying to free their souls and pay their price and he had succeeded! As Nubow’s program came close to its end, he laid there weak, sparking, in the hands of his still very much young friend, “Rabbit”. Nubow laughed as he realized that he had only one more task to do.

With the last of his battery life, he asked Rabbit after serving him for several decades “can you do me one last favor?” in messy waves

“Anything my friend” Rabbit answered. Nubow hesitated a little and asked at last “can you break the curse for me?”

“Sure” Rabbit replied. Nubow laughed out loud (LOL)… again… continuously… with the last of his circuits, knowing he had done his service to the last letter and shattered into a million pieces across the universe…

Till he is found by another, he waits inside his box….

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