Odin’s Aurora

Heed my call sword of eternity 

I have no ounce to my worth

I see no future before me 

my need for Vengeance 

clouds my judgement 

how more lucky could I have been 

to be bestowed something 

of such magnitude that which bears the 

truth of myself I have no Kin

I see no future and I am the strongest there is 

I am Aurora Vermont 

I will tell you a story about 

Ravens and Valkyries,

Vikings and Valhalla, 

Odin and the tree of life

Once upon a time A gust of wind blew pass 

Odin’s horizon and an aurora shined 

beautifully in the sky he gazed upon the skies 

Draped within the heavens And

he knew another one Has been born,

A Valkyrie, She wielded 

The sword of eternity, The sword of truth 

The sword of betrayal, On a blood soaked path 

She dreaded upon Consuming everything within 

Her path with her tainted blood, She Yearned

for vengeance, Until she tasted peace 

And it became who she is And when

she came face to face with her revenge 

she realized she was a thousand years late 

She then heard the maidens song 

And the tree of life Welcomed her as

one of it’s own,

Protector of realms, Devourer of souls 

A Maiden of Valhalla, A Valkyrie in making

And creation, a True goddess.

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