Osiris’s Plea

The immortals curse, Eternity is a given curse
A Curse to hear the woes of men
A Curse to see the greatest despair of men
A Curse to see those with weakened hearts

and those with strengthen hearts
A Curse to judge the deeds of men

But just because time is given Doesn’t mean time is earned
For death at times suites the mortal And forsakes

the immortal, I’ve transcended
life and death, Over and over again
Known lives, as deep as the sun
And as fleeting as the desert sand

It dampens my heart And dampens my soul
In my need for an end,

Even as I feel The warmth of the duchess

Fate callousness upon my immortal soul Still bewilders me,

If man can only endure
Only that which is given to them
Then that which is given
To me is true, and beyond their understanding

And each time I die by Seth’s dagger
I wish it was the last, Then at least my story
Will finally have an ending

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