Cover Art for Our Soul's Call

Our Soul’s Call


Storms that lay within the depth
Of our hearts
Our pledge of allegiance
Our promise of the future
Our will that was eternal
We forgot our place
Knowing we had something to fight for
But creed lays within destiny
And destiny is only begotten
From the broken promises of our past
We pride ourselves in our souls Honor
We seek valor in our war of souls
Death and bloodshed is nothing new to me
For on this war front I’ve claimed my title, General.
For on this day I seek a joy only felt in war
And as the drums of War echos
Darkness and Deceit festers, In our homes and our lands
All the evil done by us shall surely be visited upon us
Just as the sins of the father
Will be visited upon the child
But vengeance knows no bounds
The thrill I feel in War and Death

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B.A Blank
9 months ago

It’s quite nice

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