Prometheus Chip

Calamity comes for no one
But calamity bends to my taunts
Let their bowels run dry
and their seas run red, is the truth i say.
Weaving the past, treading the pain
Bending the faith, Creating the chaos

Burn away all my choices,

And lay waste to all the chaos in the depths of my soul.
Lay down my curses as you devour my will.
Give yourself a voice and unleash your rage, Burn brightly seamlessly with no sound.
Overwhelming till you become subtle and unmoving

overcoming all your vices,
Enchanting, until you surpass all that you are.

Spread the veil of men

Spread the Solomon’s veil

Consume all that you are in an attempt to reach for the heavens

But remember this is my fate and this is my story

For I am the juror and I am the Ruler.

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