Queen’s Guild 2

Down within the caves underneath the seas laid queen guarded by fairies, all through her growth up till her fourth year the fairies took care of her and taught her all they knew, queen unlike her mother was an angel only in making she had access to her divinity and powers as they manifested, but not in creation for she was only human, a child of the dark universe.

On her fifth year queen decided to go to the surface and see how species like her lived, she wanted to know more about what It meant to be human, she was tired of seeing the fairies, no matter how much they warned her queen never listened, unknown to her they knew more.

Queen swarm to the surface thinking that all was as it seem, queen might not have possessed the same kind of light energy as her mother since she is a child of the dark, but unfortunately for her, she definitely possessed an uncanny resemblance to her mother and all those who wondered where the child of dark and light was, all knew she was the one the moment they saw her walking their streets all grown up, they decided to let the sleeping calamity sleep and behave like she never existed and her mother never came to their lands.

Queen found herself starving in the world of men, they all stayed away from her treating her like an outcast and never having anything worthy to say about her mother anytime she asks around, even though the fairies had told her otherwise.

At last, queen found her solace with a band of misfits, five of them and as they began to struggle together in other to survive within the islands of the far reach, As years pass queen found herself needing to fight, steal, protect and feed herself and her friends, and within the struggle of life in search of power her powers began to manifest, super strength and heightened senses and as the fleeting time came to pass her reign began.

Four years into the world of men and Queen’s name spread through the islands of the far reach and even far beyond, eight years old but she had managed to defeat one of the slave masters that were trafficking children through the seas, queen stole from and terrorise the people of her village with no second thought.

One day, on one of her delivery jobs, queen entered a bar and she looked around catching all the grumpy faces of ragged beasts with haggard beards and fangs, she had never seen a gathering of such, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Knights, Orcs, Elves, Goblins and one that has always hunted her dreams through the years the Hunter’s Guild, queen wanted to rush out and leave to avoid been seen by the hunters but a tale got her attention, in the centre of the reach lies the uncharted lands, it is said that a blacksmiths locker lies within the mist of mysteries and any who sought true power may claim it but only if they regard themselves, worthy challengers’.

Queen became so enthralled by the tale that when she reached home she told her friends she had decided to journey to the centre of the reach and take the bull by its horn, afraid for what lies ahead in the unknown, they discourage her but queen wanted to know who she was, what she could do, who she could become, and what truly laid out there, but with the power of her sight she knew she could achieve it, she could reach the centre of the reach, she journeyed for days and nights through each island and when she finally reached the centre she began to see through the traps laid by the blacksmith for those who sought power but lacked mischief, finally at the centre and there it was the blacksmiths locker, she entered only to be transported to a dimension where countless treasures lies, Blacksmith’s Armaments, and with each she picked the stronger she felt and overwhelmed did she become by the amount of energy her body was consuming, and it morphed into an older version of herself where she could accommodate all she was willed to possess since the treasured where as far as her eyes could see.

Queen left the blacksmiths locker looking like she was sixteen, with the power she felt, she felt a need for chaos and mischief and as it clouds her thoughts, her rage and will consumed the islands of the reach as they never knew what became of her, the hate she harboured, they who betrayed her parents, the hunters that killed them, all of her circumstance frustrated her and threatened to suffocate till she decided to do something about it, she hunted and killed all the members of the hunters guild destroying the one system of order the Islands of the Reach had.

Queen eventually returned to her Island where her village resides after causing true chaos and havoc all through the Islands of the Reach, showing her power and might to any who stood against her, she stood unstoppable.

After receiving threats from the authorities of High Garden for her actions and atrocities, she decided to call upon her band of misfits and create her own House, The Queen’s Guild, a place where all were engraved by her mark and those who were her familiars, those who have earned one of her blacksmith’s Armaments, and as the numbers of her familiars grew many came for the power she possessed and as they came they fell, and The Queen’s Guild became the House that stands above all within The Islands of the Reach.

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Queen’s Guild


Marked Slaves

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