Queen’s Guild

There was once a universe that was thought to be dark and uninhabited, darkness clouded the space within and around the universe, nothing could be seen nor heard, nothing could be perceived for none can survive within it, One day an Angel was passing by the Dark Universe and she saw a light bloom within the darkness that shrouded the Dark Universe.

The Angel descended into the abyss, holy of holiest without a second thought and as she fell into the universe, she felt the darkness devour her divinity but the thought of the fact that life may exist within the darkness held her resolve and as she fell, she fell into one of the worlds that lie dormant within the universe, a being that lies within the brink of reality in a world that was thought to be dark and uninhabited.

The angel woke up in a world that has never seen an angel within the numerous amount of species in it, in a world that had societies, governments, kingdoms, empires, science, technology and many more, she became stunned at what she was witnessing, even though her powers were all but gone.

But was this the power of creation or was this something even more sinister, the darkness had drained out her divinity so she was nothing close to what she was, but rather she was closer to being human, but in a world where humans lived with demons, titans, beast, vampires, sorcerers, werewolves, dark elves and many creatures that lay the night, the division was real and the segregation was there.

She found it hard to survive, in a world where even the greatest of hunters were preyed upon, she a child of the light was clearly recognized and she became a jewel for those who hunt the night in the world of the dark.

As years came and years passed she found herself either been hunted by predators who sought to end her light or by the authorities of High Garden who sought to use her essence for their out worldly purposes, A place regarded as the most powerful Authority in the whole of the world, Governed by the very mysterious species called Dark Elves.

After years of running she fell in love with a human who was a local farmer in a port village, she then decided to finally settle down and have a life worthy of living, even though this world she found herself in was far more too sinister than she thought for the worlds within the dark universe felt many and endless but also felt, all like a part one, an eternal unwinding cage within a mirage that didn’t know it was one.

Within the far islands of the reach was where she found a home where neither a Kingdom nor a Hunter could locate her, a maze of islands that were impossibly hard to navigate through, she bore the name Angelica Higgins after her husband whose name was Howard Higgins.

the couple enjoyed their happily married life for a long time but as an angel living within a human society Anjelica found it unbearable, they never treated her like one of them no matter how generous she was, never caring to her no matter how kind she was, for they only saw her as a child of the light existing where she was not supposed to, Howard and Anjelica consoled each other in this hardship they shared where it was getting harder to get by as each day pass but with fortitude tried to live a happy and contented life.

As times flies like most married couples, she became pregnant, the villagers who have been trying to be brave and not shout out to the authorities

‘she had never done anything bad to them for she was the gentlest of souls’ were now reluctant.

but as they watch the child growing within her belly, they began to waver within their bravery and confidence as to what kind of a being they were to bring into their world, a child of light touched by darkness, they from outside don’t perceive he who is shrouded in nothingness.

only they bread from his anguish can feel his presence, but for a child of light now to hear him within his darkness, what does this mean? what will happen to them they who knew but never spoken? What will happen to their life plans? what of his own plans?.

the villagers became anxiously worried as their peaceful days were about to be cut short, they became very distant, things began to get sold to Anjelica and Howard costly and no jobs were getting to Howard’s Crop and Carpentry Stand.

One day as Howard was about to close down his stand and head home he saw soldiers wearing uniforms he clearly recognized; The Hunter Guild, they had finally found a way around the islands of the far reach, he ran back home but unfortunately, the Hunters were already there, they destroyed their home in search for them, but he knew where she was, they had been prepared in the case for an emergency like this.

He rushed to the cave underneath the seas where he saw Angelica already having her contraptions and was about to give birth to their child, he rushed to her and fortunately for them she had a safe delivery, a bouncing baby girl who they named Queen.

the Hunters searched for them for a week before finally resulting to questioning and torturing for information which the villager told them, about the caves underneath the seas easily without stress, they searched ten caves before finally arriving at the eleventh where they finally found them.

Angelica and Howard bid their daughter farewell upon the arrival of the Hunters, with the last ounce of her divinity she placed a protection charm upon her daughter before kissing her goodbye, wishing they had met in another world, in another timeline.

Angelica left the room in tears knowing this might be the last time she sees her queen, they both went out and fought the Hunters but were finally overpowered, a vampire within the Hunter Guild killed Howard, and Angelica was taken to the surface to face the guillotine.

As the Hunters drag Angelica through the streets in chains, broken and tattered, Angelica could feel the scorn and hate that lies within the depth of their souls and their eyes, and as they all watched her haggard body, they all knew Angelica had the baby since she was no longer carrying it.

Angelica rejoiced knowing that her soul would finally return to where it truly belonged but felt her heart shaken knowing that she was living her daughter in this harsh unforsaken cruel world, The Hunters took her back to High Garden where she was finally killed and every trace of her was removed from that universe.

But as the fleeting of time comes to bear only one question lies within the hearts of the people in the islands of the far reach, where is the baby that was made of light and darkness?, they didn’t tell the Hunters about her pregnancy because they knew what it will mean to lose their freedom, the right to be in a world where power was everything.

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