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Quest for the Eternal Guardian

Here I am within the race of eternity championing the curse of a madman, I have journeyed from beyond the horizon, I have surpassed my true self and the legacy of the Blacksmith is mine to obtain, I arrived within the race of eternity, an endlessly unwinding universe within the boundless realm of the gods The Eternal Realm trapped within a loop of time by the Blacksmith and the remnants of the First wish of the Orb of destiny, every thing was asleep stopped in time and the lands were as far as my eye could see as different as my mind could imagine, race upon race trooping on one another and the Throne-less kingdoms was at its centre and the empty throne was at the epee-center of the race of eternity, was I truly here, had I attained such heights, is the legacy of the blacksmith really mine to take, I can see it now, my thoughts no longer cloud my gaze my mind has finally accepted the truth and its free, it’s real, everything was real, then maybe the blacksmith wasn’t too much of a liar after all, my heart has finally succumbed and I know my wish is finally mine only if I can slay my dragon.

As my mind wonders to all I see, I heard a crackling raging lightning and thunder far away deep from the throne room it echoed through the skies as the air trembled with an intensity unknown to men, that’s when I felt his malice and hate it was unlike anything I had ever felt and even Haul crawled with both fear and excitement and from where I stood I felt his gaze upon me and in that second I was summoned before him, I watched the ominous character before me and I knew nothing of what lies within his heart he feared nothing, he was unfazed  and I was just a pest here to take all that he had protected the figure sat on the stairs and the empty throne stood majestically behind him adorned with gold so as his armor and the huge golden sword he wielded.

“I am the Eternal Knight and I stand by my word to any who comes even in my sleep I shall awake and see to his end, we pride ourselves as what the best Men has to offer, if you are one who pride his self as the best of what all has to offer, then come forth and claim whats yours, so that I might see if you are truly worthy, claim your throne draw your blade and feel my eternal rage for only one who is truly worthy can claim this great legacy”

I knew it will always come to this the blacksmith was too shrewd to begin with, his cruel pity of the kingdom of the flying mountains for using an instrument of the blacksmith and the hefty payment upon the kingdom of the flying mountain was filled with deceit clouded in their own ignorance, the first wish of the orb of destiny, and as shrewd and tainted they later became the blacksmiths choices were even grievous, with the orb in one hand and my mask on the other I called forth HAAUNTED HALLOWEEN and Haul screamed in rage and my battle with the eternal knight began, for days and nights we fought and with every demon I summoned and with every demon I inhibit the eternal knight stood unmoved and all that I am was beginning to wither away and for one last time I beseeched Haul hoping the orb of destiny will heed my call but unfortunately I had asked too much of the orb and for the me right now the Orb of destiny no longer recognized me as a competent and compatible user, a piece of my soul was devoured by that time traveller I thought was a time wraith, so I was no longer completely its master, the orb rejected my command and haul ate through it’s inner structure and all what the orb was came crumbling down and it turned to dust and in that moment my eyes went wide, I had lost this bout, the eternal knight slashed through me and all that I am came to an end but then I remembered an oath to another.

‘So it has finally come to this, if it was not for that time traveler it would not have come to this, I will find him and take back whats mine and even more’

I broke the oath and remembered my nature, the gluttons curse, to devour, and as my ring came off the curse seal was broken off, and Haul devoured the Bloodhound’s curse and the numberless bloodhound I became, powers I swore not to use since my departure from Lous-Norchez  not to encore the wrath those who seek the balance within chaos.

And as the eternal knight slashed and Haul devoured all that he is, and I felt the essence of divinity for the first time and the powers that came coarsen through my veins with it, I felt unstoppable and I knew this battle was mine for the taken what a truly scary power, that of the bloodhounds, and from then on the eternal knights slashes got slower or was I becoming faster and stronger, I jumped onto him as I pierce my fangs upon his neck and devoured all that he is  until he was nothing more than small boy whom stood before me that couldn’t even utter a single word.

I staggered up to the throne and sat down tired and fatigued as silence overcame my very soul and being, I had finally achieved it all and with the race of eternity finally finding a ruler everything restarted again and from afar I could hear it all, the raging seas that began to bellow once again, the forest that became filled with life once again, the bustling cities began to cheer, men, beast, creatures and animals howling each of different descent and race, all hail the one true king of the race of eternity.


And my name could be heard in all within the race of eternity but my future still stands in question, I have no doubt I’ve broken my oath and the bloodhounds will come for me.

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