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Race Of Eternity

Sing the song of the maidens
Sing the song of creation
Let the moon howl in aviation
Let the maidens dance in innovation

A race of eternity
To a world beyond Man’s imagination
A world within the smith’s locker
A throne without a ruler
For only those who overcome their truest fears
And only he who can stand above them all, will gain dominance over all that is his legacy

The box had only one item in it; an orb,
The orb’s light shimmers a little before he heard a voice

“In accordance to the rules and regulations set by my master, I deem you a possible owner of this orb

Words that haunted all those who dwell in the land of Orbious

To hear the words of the deceiver

The chains of the blacksmith

To seek his eternal legacy,

The race of eternity

As legions, they rally upon the pride of their souls
In their packs pride, they find solace
For they are those who stand by their home Orbious

And the sacrifices of the wandering wizard

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