Raven’s Raid On Volen

I might be the first to write about this but many more will follow after me. How we Ravens came to be, has been lost in the trenches of history but the blood between brethren and kindred to break.

We separated into different sects with different beliefs, some created conflicts to get souls to trade, others stopped conflicts and took souls to the land of the fallen.

Once in a while, our goals tend to align despite our discrepancies. At the edges of the phoenix realm, a civilization had begun to grow tremendously and extremely quickly. The planet’s name was Volen.

After the last cultural dance, a phenomenon was said to have taken place on the planet that changed its inhabitants. No one knew what it was except them but we Ravens know something else, the souls on that planet were priceless.

With one force trying to save as many souls as possible and the other trying to enslave as many as possible. We headed for Volen.

Arriving at the planet, we began to dive in with full speed raining down on the planet like black asteroids. Every Raven pushed hard trying to be the first to touch the surface so the strongest of us was closest to the ground when it began. An absurd amount of energy and all sorts of magic swelled up from the surface of the planet and beings started to shoot up from the surface and attack us Ravens as we fell.

Expecting this our strongest got ready to battle, some shielded themselves while others attacked but all was in vain as the inhabitants of Volen laid waste to all that crossed their path.

As several of us began to lose our lives we tried hard to get a grasp of the situation. Some Ravens yelled battle cries and some said “they were simply trying to make a last stand”, how mistaken we were.

As we penetrated the atmosphere and made our way past the clouds the undeniable reality was there for all to see. The advance guard that attacked us was a mere fraction of their true force.

Before many could regain their balance and escape, Volen residents rained attacks continuously as Ravens continued to die and fall in trolls.

Only a few of us made it back out of the planet and that’s when we heard it, a raging voice filled with malice and disgust in its tone it said “Meager you are, do not interfere, we seek a higher calling, a higher cause, the presence of the one who brings meaning”. I stood in horror looking at the little members that barely survived, most of them with fatal injuries including me.

Such a sight took everything from me but still, I wish to be the first to write of this and hope many will follow and warn others… to stay away from Volen.

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