Come, we got lots of seats…

Leave me be!

He was all about what is

So he wouldn’t listen

From his back, you could see

His cold and ruthless gleam

Fearless as can be

He was truly him

He raged and mumbled through

And he finally did it

All his dreams had come true

And he was still in it

But as he sat there

At the head of all of it

He began to bleed out

And BAM! That was it

Young and back again

But this wasn’t his gaze

Then he realized, the new frame

Meant his veil had been raised

He began to scurry round

In wobbly steps

All that valor was now lost, going the other way…

He thought deeply about all that he had built

And wished he could trade

All of it, leaving not a morsel

To get back that seat…

This was just like they had said

This was the day

And no one

I mean no one

Was escaping their fate…

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