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Red Hicky gave me his word that he was on my side and I pretended to accept wholeheartedly.

The journey ahead was tough, the lands and realms on the outskirts of Within were realms which fell short, they had failed to achieve impotence but we had succeeded.

My chest warmed up as the words of Hicky balanced out my heart on the fine line between courage and fear. He told me stories of his old days, out in the wild before he came here, back when his name was simply Hicky, he especially bragged about how the ladies in the many brothels gave him the name ‘Hicky’ for his unshakable bound to them once they were together.

The realms with women in multitude were never his major spots for a visit as he was generous and took care of anyone and everyone, another reason he had gotten the job as our supervisor but that was over now.

He claimed that my words had reminded him of the title he bore ‘a guard dog’ he happily thanked me for freeing him from the hypnotizing offer of the gods and swore his allegiance to me.

Hicky claimed again that I was safe with him, he also reassured me that the realms were not something to be feared but something to explore…

I was enjoying his stories so much that I almost forgot that I had seen him click his guns twice before placing them back in his two pouch-like things imitating the broadcast-ed waves from far galaxies and recent times. He was a classic rebel…

‘Wait!’ I told myself noticing the weird mixture in the air and came to a stop. ‘I am the one you need here’ I said to Hicky ‘without the presence of a within, you would be hunted down by the presence that surrounds this place’

Hicky immediately went quiet and vanished from my side and I felt a slight weight in my left shoulder. I laughed at myself for not realizing it sooner…

My punishment had only begun….

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