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Red Hicky 3

I walked for years and years but the universe was vast, it was only to be expected. After a few hundred years of solitude, Hicky was yet to appear and I had long started to crave his presence or anyone’s in fact.

As I fought the unbelievable urge to call out Hicky’s name, thoughts retaining my own self started to fade, and just as I felt my name starting to disappear… I ran…

The realms opened up in front of me, endlessly, as I dashed through the shaking realities. I found a calm one, the field of flowers that surrounded the only habited island in the realm had the smell of cookies coming from them. I smiled a little, accepting the sight and there I was, in the flower field…

I fell back flat on my back as the flowers bounced up around me and released their intoxicating scent.

The sky was green and calming, various angels and demons far greater than this linked planet flew around going about their various business, the unobstructed view reminded me of home.

Laying, I felt the presence of an emerging face, it jumped straight at me raising the flowers from their beds and crashed into an empty space as I pushed myself into the sky.

I looked at the dust as it went down… Hicky clothed in a white garment, white boots, and white guns, stood there… looking at me.

I felt how he could tell that I wasn’t fully ready and jumped at me again, he caught me this time and sent me crashing into a passing demon.

It was Jourmungand, the serpent that had sought to conquer the heavens.

My powers were starting to annoy me, a greater being had sensed me and was considering me a threat. He turned around and faced me in his might and just as the legends spoke of his unending greed, he demonstrated it, he tried to devour me.

As I floated down his throat, my heart felt weak knowing what I needed to do. With one swing of my arm, I threw Jourmungand back a few thousand years and back to the moment, he achieved his goal. He threw me up, gladly, and thanked me before leaving. I smiled and wished him well and stood there waiting for them to arrive.

The executioners arrived soon after, alerted by Hicky of course, he stood there confidently with them. It was swift, my ideal of a within was betrayed by me. Their seal was formed, strong and efficient, with me in the middle of it. Having no cause to exist outside Within, they had the right to take me as a trophy.

It made me laugh, a simple trial I believed this to be. After all, all faith is never lost, something this irrational would definitely awaken fate once more and the circle will begin anew and all I needed to do was wait….

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