Red Hicky

Those damn boxes carry them, the filth of that wretched soul, his name was a remembrance of a terrible time, a time of callous dreams and misguided goals, a time when man forgot his place, and now… just as always, his presence still reeks from the damned guns of RED HICKY!!!

His red dashing boots, crush the street, his bellowing coat flaunts his ego, his cow-boyish hat, shows his a fan of the feature and his two red eyes remind us that, he is no healer.

We say among-st ourselves, “be wary of Hicky” as a greeting or an order by our once wise king who saw to accept the fear and live once and for all. This crushed our hopes and dreams, simple thoughts like survival crowded our heads and thoughts forever in this silent town of horrors.

The desert-like scenes that came with Red Hicky every time he came to erase the ones who dared defy him was beautiful, I thought … and today… that was going to be me.

I stood strong as he came riding in for his casual check, the town’s people who had cursed me endlessly for causing this visit had vanished into their homes, chanting words, forgetting the balance.

Hicky stopped in front of me and looked me in the eyes with those two red bright dots on his face.

I looked into them and the deeper I looked, I could almost hear something, he said; ‘Are you sure?’ I nodded my head feeling it was the right thing to do and he nodded as well.

I blacked out after that and opened my eyes again in the middle of nowhere.

Hicky stood behind me and asked me again if I’m sure? I wanted to say no but the fear of the outside world was worse, we, Withins, would have never even thought for a second that a punishment this cruel would be offered between us.

I turned with tears in my eyes, knowing I couldn’t return, ‘I don’t’ I said, with deep breaths to hold back my urge to scream knowing he had only asked me to mock me probably because of all the curses I had rained on his loyalty as a guard dog.

“I’ll accompany you” Hicky said walking in front of me. “Straighten your back and heads up! you’re a within, we’ll do our rounds and you’ll one day create your own”, and at that moment, I realized that I had moved forward past all that I knew and now here I was, at the beginning again.

And painfully, as all emotions floated away, I couldn’t feel even a budge in my hatred for that man and his filthiness.

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