Much like every resistance that has ever existed, this one was fighting a greater power. They claimed that those who were superior to them were hoarding the available resources and leaving them to starve to death

Many joined their cause after suffering a traumatic experience or two, either their parents, loved ones or siblings die from hunger or were killed in a riot or stance against the government

It was no surprise that they chased and attacked every cornerstone that held the current system in place. It could be markets today, places of business tomorrow and sometimes, elite schools where the children of dignitaries went to study but all this was in vain as they either tightened security by increasing tax or picked innocent by-standers and used them as scapegoats

Eventually, the resistance grew smaller and smaller with more and more members realizing that their actions were doing more harm than good

The leader of the resistance was soon left alone with his two loyal buddies who had started the organization with him. That’s when they came across some vital information

The higher-ups had unlimited power supply of some sort that kept them atop the situation at all times and they had found the heart of it. It was a power plant they had built several centuries ago, many say it made them immortal and they actually never died so power could never change hands and the injustice simply grew

The leader and his buddies armed themselves and trusted the info they had received and staked their lives on it. They sneaked into the facility and went around the long way, clashing with some guards along the way, some battles they easily won and some were hardly fought

By the time they made it in, one of them was limping from a bullet wound he had received on his leg. The other had a scratch on his abdomen but he was also struggling to keep up, the leader was the only one unscarred. They were still being pursued so his two friends told him to carry on while they stopped anyone else from coming after him

With some shouts between them, the leader finally decided to carry on with tears in his eyes fearing for his friends lives but there was no guarantee that any of them was going to make it out alive in the first place and he thought he had prepared himself for that but it seems he hadn’t.

He was carrying a bag of grenades with him and was making his way to the heart of the facility. He sneaked past some more guards and made it to the final door

There were two guards in front and he took a deep breath before facing them head-on screaming and shooting, he got them but they also got a few shots in too. He dragged himself and pushed open the door and what was in front of him broke his heart

There was nothing…

The room was completely empty, it was just a rumour to sniff out the last of the resistance. He fell to the ground as he slowly bleed out but he didn’t want anyone else to experience this pain, he wanted his friends if they were still alive to believe they had risked their lives for something so he pulled the pin on one of the grenades and blew up the facility

His friends laughed as they felt the explosion and gladly welcomed their inevitable deaths.

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