Cover art for Retribution



The skies broke with balls of fire

Like a roaring thunder

Like a striking lightning

Crackling And thundering

within the air In a herd of screams

As walls crumble and soldiers fall

An empire deserts at The fall of men

In a death of pride Swords are Clashing

and Words are meaningless But the truth remains

Only the victorious tell the tale

She was vengeful because that was all she could do

She sold her soul because it was

The only way she could save herself

She cut through all that stood

Her way because that was all that made sense to her

Olaremi is the last daughter of Owu

The last price Anulugbua paid for his home

That burnt with the Flames of retribution

Within those flames that raised her rage for the lost of her people

And the hatred for her enemies who took everything from her

But when darkness saw how pure she really was

She enticed Integra and Integra fed on her hate

Until they both got devoured and consumed

By their hunger and thirst for war and death

She remains imprisoned As the price to be paid

For Anulugbua’s Mistakes And her own mischief

For thinking she could Go against the Orishas

Her spirit remains shattered and broken

But Moremi’s soul still lives on

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