Rise of Executioners

  • Reincarnation, Life, Power
    The train of man’s Existence
    Is interwoven with the
    Past, Present and future
    Many seek a life of immortality
    Driven by a need to foresee tomorrow
    While others seek a subtle end
    Driven by a need to enjoy today
    What we lack is nothing
    But a figment of man’s complex
    We cherish that which is beyond us
    In the hope of attaining salvation
    And only those truly free
    Can understand the vastness
    Of man existence and the legacy of those

who rally around the tree of life

Many once proposed a gathering
A gathering you say?
Yes; A gathering
One of misfits of misfits
Champions of Champions
Elites of Elites
They will walk a path as though they believe
In snare of any other being in existence
Seeking to tame it, Wanting to bring it forth balance
A need to exert equilibrium To all that exist

Their tale is a tale of men, A tale of greed and faith
One surely filled with blood of those who rally upon
The sword of truth and justice
Those who call themselves Executioners

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